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Mod Still Pending.

  • My uploaded mod has been pending for over 7 hours how long will this take or can someone please approve of it thank you.

  • @Jack1411 Only one person can approve it and they don't spend 24 hours on the site.

    Certain times of day, i.e. working and sleeping hours are going to result in longer wait times. It's probably late afternoon where the admin is, which means he will probably still be working.

    We're not all on the time zones and you have to take that into account when you upload your mods.

  • Please add in-game screenshots to it.

  • @rappo Why cant the mods approve mods?

  • @bur587 Did you mean Moderators? There aren't any moderators in the main site - active moderators actually. IMO it's not the task of a moderator, it should be done by administrators.
    If that's not what you meant, sorry.

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