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Bumpers etc don't align..?

  • Hi,

    After installing mods, I go into ls Customs, and the bumpers just do not align.. For example, the stanced miata, they're off to the right buy like a full cars width.. and on a BMW M5, they're off to the left and slightly tilted.. help!

  • just to confirm, these are replacement mods!

  • Most of the cars that you have replaced may not have custom tuning parts. Custom tuning parts are custom car modifications created to fit a modded car, such as the BMW. Find a car mod that has both the car mod and the car modification mods.

  • Hey thanks for the response - this comes with mods though, and they appear to the right of the vehicle!

  • @kierandoesmedia Yes but they do not have custom tuning parts. The Mazda does not have custom tuning parts.

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