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Recreated the Stilthouse with Interior at a very beautiful and special Place

  • Hy Guys!

    I want you to show my first new map of 2017, a Stilthouse completely recreated and individually designed. It´s a shame that R* did not implement this as a working Savehouse in the Game. It´s such a beauty!

    My Version of the Stilthouse has a couple of detailed Rooms. Much fun to explore and amazing Views.

    It´s almost finished, but i have to fix some issues and find new solutions, to make it as beautiful as it can be.:) Expect the release in the next few days.

    Pictures: Recreated Stilthouse

    Let me now what do you think about it.

  • @Whats-a-Username- Fuck Nice dude. Its really beautiful. Hope u create some more like these. Just a request.
    Can u ask scriptors like ( Im not mental ) to add an option to use it as a safe house like his Apartments mod. It would be Sick

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