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[Vehicle] Scion TC and WV Jetta

  • So I have a couple of vehicle requests that I haven't seen. First is the Scion TC, I'd like any TC, it can be a gen 1 (2008~) or the newest 2015 one, preferably the newest TC (Tuning would be very nice).

    Another car I was requesting was the 2002 Volkswagen Jetta (TDI) or something around that time period (Like 2001, 2002), again, tuning would be very nice (like a roof rack at least, and some fog lights on the front bumper, or something like that.)

    The final 2 requests I have is the Holden Commodore and the 2004~ Escalade, now the commodore isn't really important but it'd be nice to see a 2008~ commodore in the game. The Escalade would be nice in the game since there's already a newer Escalade mod, but I like the older one for some reason.

    Those are my requests. (The TC and Jetta are really important).. Thanks all! :)

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