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how do you play as female in single player and still do missions?

  • I've got menyoo and when I switch to a female it doesn't let me do anything but drive around no missions and when I'm franklin I can't activate his car special etc


    Have a look at the last replies of Unknown Modder in this thread: Player model swapping Works like a charm for me! :)

  • I use it too and it works great. I don't use it for missions though, just so I can do the interactive side activities that you can do as M, F, and T.

    The only issues that it has which I hope Unknown Modder can address.
    -The First Person visual changes from wearing masks, helmets, glasses, etc... act as if you are who ever the game thinks you are, so they don't match what ever you're actually wearing. I think I know how to fix this one with RPF mods, but then it will mess up the SP character. So hopefully Unknown Modder will find what ever hash it is for this so they can be swapped so the visual changes work correctly.
    -The parachutes don't show up correctly when skydiving. I temporarily switch it back when I do so.
    -If you use SP Apartment, your custom character has to own the same apartments as the SP character you are using.
    -Flying the stunt plane makes your character wear a top hat for some reason (freemode male), but I think it is ironically hilarious.
    -The idle clip sets will be those of the SP character you're using.
    -Trainers will think that you are the SP character you are using. So if you want to change components or save an outfit, you should switch the hash back.
    -After swapping the hash, you need to change your character model to another character model, then back for money to add/subtract correctly.

  • tyvm it'll do until something comes along that works fully this is better than nothing

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have been looking for something like this for a long time being able to change the main Player Models or a player model to a Female and still be able to walk into stores, do missions and all the things that you can do as the 3 normal characters the only way I can see of playing it without any problems really is to have a female model to replace the normal player but with the clothes designed for that model too
    Example: the mp_f_freemode_01 (The online female custom character model like something similar to this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/female-freemode-to-franki-1-0) but bought into single player with all the collection of clothes from all the DLCs converted to single player too so you can say buy them in the shops that would probably require a lot of work though and I don't know anything about 3D Modelling or converting Ped Models to player models

    Anyway thank you for this information to I will try it out

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