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AdvancedHookV.asi Won't Load And Other .asi Scripts

  • For some weird reason my AdvancedHookV.asi won't load and it is causing other .asi scripts to fail.

    Here's my GTA V directory:
    0_1485474370865_Desktop 01.26.2017 -

    And here is my asiloader:
    0_1485474481177_Desktop 01.26.2017 -

    Help is very much appreciated!

  • @Frisky Delete AdvancedHookV.asi you only need AdvancedHookV.dll
    I think it can be that , See my asiloader log, it don't load here
    LIB: "C:\Windows\system32\dinput8.dll" => 00007FFE57AC0000
    API: "DirectInput8Create" => 00007FFE57ACA050
    API: "DllCanUnloadNow" => 00007FFE57AD93C0
    API: "DllGetClassObject" => 00007FFE57AD9490
    API: "DllRegisterServer" => 00007FFE57AE2AF0
    API: "DllUnregisterServer" => 00007FFE57AE2D70
    LOADER: Loading *.asi plugins
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\CautiousDrivers 1.1.asi"
    "CautiousDrivers 1.1.asi" => 00007FFE54B20000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\ELS.asi"
    "ELS.asi" => 00007FFE42820000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\EnableMPCars.asi"
    "EnableMPCars.asi" => 00007FFE5B480000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\mpimportexport.asi"
    "mpimportexport.asi" => 00007FFE54A90000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\OpenInteriors.asi"
    "OpenInteriors.asi" => 00007FFE52830000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\OpenIV.asi"
    "OpenIV.asi" => 00007FFE54860000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\PLD.asi"
    "PLD.asi" => 00007FFE526A0000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\POVCameraUnlocker.asi"
    "POVCameraUnlocker.asi" => 00007FFE5AF50000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\ScriptHookVDotNet.asi"
    "ScriptHookVDotNet.asi" => 00007FFE42720000
    ASI: Loading "F:\GTA LORE FRIENDLY\TrainerV.asi"
    "TrainerV.asi" => 00007FFE41DD0000
    LOADER: Finished loading *.asi plugins

  • Ok I'll see

  • @cgz It didn't work

  • @Frisky It's a weird issue I don't see why it's not working :(
    I guess you already have this

  • @cgz Yep sadly :/

  • @cgz Finally! I managed to fix by installing Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (x64) and .NET Framework 4.6. :D

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