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[RESOLVED] Missing a row on the https://www.gta5-mods.com/ site.

  • Hey!

    Idk what happened, but yesterday there was a row on the site, what said you know
    'Vehicles, Misc, Maps, Skins' etc.. And now that missing for me.
    The homepage like this.
    alt text

    Your's like that? Or it's an update for the site?
    If it's not, please help me.

    Sorry for bad English.

  • @biggspapa everything is fine for me.! must be something wrong with you Browser!

    This is my screen. what i see. right now 6:51 PM pakistan standard time 23rd july 2016 :)

    alt text

  • If mods don't work for you, maybe consider yourself to buy the game?

    Ahem "Skidrow&Reloaded on your bookmarked...

  • EDIT: @TobsiCred Thanks, this solve it! :D

    I bought it dude.. Watch..
    Dont scam.
    alt text

  • Ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • As others have mentioned, this happens when you're using AdBlock :slight_smile: I understand the use for AdBlock and I use it on many sites with inappropriate/intrusive ads, but I hope you'll consider disabling it to help support the site! If you come across an ad that's inappropriate you can screenshot it and send it to me, I'll report it to Google so that it doesn't show anymore. Thanks!

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