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GTA V has stopped working

  • Hello guys i downloaded cracked gta 5 included redux. I was playing a little time but i had a little bit lag. I exited the game and made a nvidia settings for increasing the fps probably. After that i ran the game with Razer Cortex and suddenly it said: Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working. I tried to ran the game as administrator, also the compatibility ( Server 2008, Vista, SP1,SP2, Win7 ) but again i've got this "error". I installed the game again but without any progress. Please help me :/
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

  • UP:

    When i run the game normally ( double click ) i am getting in to the loading screen and it says:

    Installed SocialClub but without any progress.

  • @Piece There's a very simple solution for your problem.

    Buy the game.

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