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[SOLVED] Is there a NativeUI NumericUpDown type menuitem, or an equivalent type of solution?

  • I am currently setting up a camera testbed for a mod I am working on, and in that testbed I wanted to have menu items that you could change values on, like in MapEditor. (e.g. Position X <0000.000>). However, after looking at the MapEditor source, to cater for moving an object, it appears that it has to add one million values of everything from 5000.00 to -5000.00 in .01 steps.

    I have to admit, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that, as it also appears to add seventy two thousand values for rotation as well.

    There's very little info in the NativeUI wiki on this, so I was wondering if anyone had come across a more efficient way of doing this? I am going to need this on several items and I really don't want a handful of massive lists to do it.

    It would be really useful if there was a UIMenuIncDecItem(string caption, float value, string description) type item that allowed a similar kind of increment/decrement feature like the ListItem, but didn't require a list to function. There's a similar kind of control in .Net, where you can set the Maximum, Minimum and Step value, which would make this really useful.

  • I decided to download the NativeUI source and add one of these myself... seems to work just as I wanted, so everything's fine now.

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