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Vehicle rotated 180 degree when exported..

  • I'm trying to convert a vehicle, but for some reason when I export the vehicle its rotated 180 degrees. I have no idea what is the problem.

  • @GTAVModder4Life Rotate it to 180 degrees in zmodeler, and check all viewports (i.e when you toggle left view, you see car left side, not the right)

  • @GTAVModder4Life thats normal for most obj imports. when you look on your viewport left view and the backside of your car is left, you have to mirror the geometry NOT the axes. best way is doing this right after first import. for this make sure object mode is active. choose quadr, mark all. make sure in hierarchie all parts are completly blue marked, then go to mirror, make sure in mirror option only geometry is select NOT axes. mirror in left view ONLY x axes. ok now your steeringwheel is on the wrong side. so go to front view and mirror again x axes. thats it. you havent done this to begin so you have to do now more steps: make sure everthing is named correct and have the correct id. for example headlight_l or window_lr, are they still on the left side of your vehicle. if you have any question in the future for zmodeler stuff you can write me a pm. you helped me so much with script stuff, so i can give a bit back. if you need a little video for my explanation above, no problem i can make one. have a nice day, dude ;)

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