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[Screenshot Tool] Discussion and Tips


    What is everybody using for creating those great screenshots?

    I still use Fraps which has two big issues:

    1. interferes with ReShade settings;
    2. my game always seems locked at 30FPS? (on a GTX970 & I5 6500K)

    So, what are my options?

  • @ReNNie I use Nvidia Share, screenshots are great in quality.
    Does not conflict with Reshade.

  • @ReNNie I use Nvidia Share too.


    Thnx guys, looking for more alternatives :)

    I've tried using Aikido FreeCam (F1) and Ingame Screenshot v1.1 by jedijosh920 (F6) and Graphics Trainer (Stand Alone) by Quant (F7) all active at the same time.
    Do those last two interfere? Yes, for me they do. With Quant's asi active the cam by jedijosh920's no longer re-acts to input from the ARROW_KEYs.

    Bummer... I want those color-filters too :(

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