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Hello. I'm writing an article about a GTA V modder, and would love to speak to someone in the community about the technical side to modding GTA V.

  • If anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have some video clips and images I can share with you. I'm looking for an insight into the amount of time it would take to produce those modifications, as well as how difficult it is to produce them.

    I have a very limited knowledge of the field, so your expertise would help me significantly in gaining a better understanding, and I would highly value your opinion on the work.

    You can reply here, or via PM if you wish.

    Thank you!

  • Depends what kind of modifications are you talking about. I'm no expert on this topic, i just say what i know, there's lots of people out there that know way more than me.
    Vehicles are converted using Zmodeler 3.1.2 or higher, since that's the only program that has a GTA V import/export model filter. Converting a quality car can easily take more than 2 weeks just for the base model.
    I don't know much about script mods, i just know that ASI files are renamed DLL files, and that most scripts are "injected" into the game.
    Pedestrian/player mods are made using updated Zmodeler 3.1.3 or higher, and they take less time than car mods, i think that they take less than 1 day.
    Using Zmodeler 3 can be very difficult, since the UI isn't pretty at all, and tries too much to be "understandable", by using graphics instead of text on menus, for example.
    There's groups dedicated to make certain kinds of cars, like SokudoChasers, a modding group that's dedicated to tuned JDM cars, and other groups convert cars following a certain quality standard, like YCA, a chinese group that only converts cars on the same high quality, from recognized brands.
    The GTA V modding community's pretty united on certain cases, like when GTA V Redux was published, and everyone sh*tted on it because it was nothing more than a stolen mod compilation that was under Romito's name.
    I could write more, but i'm working on something atm.
    Hope that more people help you on this!

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