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[VEHICLE] [WIP] 2016 Chevrolet Suburban LS

  • Sorry for lack of update, ive been trying to get the vehicle in game, and now getting the basics working

    Notice it lacks side mirror and grille, because they are going to be customize (i have to figure it out)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Looks promising :thumbsup_tone3:


    It ain't no Ada Wong but I'll take it :)

  • @carface80 Good progress!! However, the rear bumper looks pretty stuck out.

  • @carface80 after your done with the suburban work on the 2015 escalade and make one of the tuning parts have the new cadillac logo and make it replace cavalcade 1st gen and also make a chevrolet impala from scratch replace fugitive

  • ^ This kid needs to learn some manners

  • Sorry I am not doing an Escalade.

    Some tuning parts, alternate side mirrors and grille. Later, I will have an alternate running boards.

    Gotta figure out how to change the wheels. I have a low profile LTZ wheels and HD wheels.

    Got the side mirrors and grille changeable

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @carface80 thats very good!

  • @EDGeNA I just shorten the rear bumper.

  • @Frazzlee Chrome is fine. If you like it more reflective you can just increase it via enb or whatever you use, once it's released.

  • Here is the beta https://www.mediafire.com/?1r68bccoqjaq2ny

    I have a report of crashing the game when this mod was installed, I need some help resolving it.

    I also need help with tuning wheels.

  • @carface80 alright, thanks
    it fixed now, no crashing at all
    replace method, replace with granger with granger handling is ok. works well

  • @carface80 script hook is Needed to be updated!!

  • @EDGeNA It takes almost a week for a new scripthook, I cant afford to wait. I found this instruction from a website.

    Steam Version:

    Simply go to the GTA V backup folder and copy the following files:

    " GTAVLauncher.exe -- GTA5.exe -- update.rpf (You can find it in the update folder) "

    Navigate to your GTA 5 Folder. Steam/SteamApps/Common/Grand Theft Auto V and replace the GTAVLauncher.exe, the GTA5.exe, and the update.rpf(inside of the update folder). Then you'll be good to go.

    Social Club

    1. Backup GTA5.exe and update.rpf (in the update folder)

    2. Now make the Update from Launcher.

    3. Close the launcher

    4. Delete the metadata.dat in the "x64" Folder. /RockstarGames/Grand Theft Auto V

    5. Start launcher.

    6. The launcher will now download the metadata.dat. After the download it comes a message. (Ready to play) Don't click to play! And don't close the launcher! Minimize it.

    7. Now put your GTA5.exe and update.rpf that you have backed up into the GTA File (Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto V). (Dont forget: update.rpf in the update folder)

    8. Now switch back to your launcher and click on play!

  • @carface80 Haha I waited until the new one is released.

    I tried this, and found few things to improve.

    1. Front indicators are not working.
    2. Suspension looks pretty high. Hope to make lower.
    3. Needed to differentiate normal headlight and high beam.
    4. Better handling.

    When it comes to beta, this is really good. I'm sure that you are already working on some of these things. I'll let you know if I find some bugs or improvements.

    Thanks a lot.!!! :)

  • @carface80 One more thing, No breakable glasses.

  • @EDGeNA thats odd, I can break all the glass.

    alt text

  • @carface80 its because I replace the granger, hm.. thats my picture. Maybe he not replace the vanilla car, but as add-on car.
    I will try the new one from you now.
    Let see if still crash the game or not
    Just in case if people read this wondering why GTA V crashed.
    First I tried spawn the car with Simple Trainer. I can spawn it normally But my character cant spawn inside the car (usually the character is spawned inside car isnt it) then when I tried to get in to the car, GTA V crashed.

    If someone here can help carface that would be good. To be honest, i never make any add-on. So not sure which values causing crash.
    The car model is works perfectly fine, use it to crash test (picture above) I replaced the granger with this model.
    No modified handling etc, only change the model.

    Hope my post detail enough to analyze the problem.

    QUICK report: tried to spawn with new one. Its working now @carface80 thats awesome!!
    Handling is good, breakable glass too. Working dials

  • @carface80 Addon version's has no breaking glasses. Replace version is fine. How about the front indicators? Are you gonna work on them? :)

  • <kitName>1990_subn_modkit</kitName>
    <id value="1990"/>

    First of all, when I install your mod, the modkit are not working. The id value must be overlapped with one of my mod that already installed. This might cause the glasses not working, isn't it?

  • @GreenAid I got the wheels working, but I noticed the wheels are wider, so i spend the rest of the evening correcting it, not successful. I ended up pushing the wheels in by changing the local axis. I also noticed my wheels are not appearing in LS customs, I can only change it using the trainer. I fixed the GXT, it is indeed a conflict with another add on mod loaded before my suburban using the same make.

  • @carface80 you can get your wheels to show up in los santos you just need to add the wheels to carcols.ymt file. Here is the method.


    I have added so far a total of 6 or 8 new rims i named them wheel_hiend and i think 23 or 24 is where you want to start then go up in numbers as you add more rims. They will show up under hiend category under rims and will be at the very bottom of the list. They will have no names for the description so it will just show a blank line i think but the rims will change. In order to add a title or description instead of it being blank then you have to edit or make a global.gxt2 file and place it under american_rel.rpf There is a tutorial on here somewhere how to do it.

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