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[Player] So a Wolverine and two men of Iron walk into a bar...

  • Hey Gang, I was wondering if someone here would, for $5 and from of the kindness of their heart, help a recovering player out? I was recently hospitalized for a neurological disorder, but now back at home recovering. It'll be a few weeks before I'm back to 100%, so while I'm bed-ridden, I'll be passing the time with reading, You Tube, and GTA V. Truly, it would mean a lot to me if someone here could create a player skin that would replace either Michael, Franklin, or Trevor. Now, I will be paying on medical expenses (...insurance issues won't cover a fraction of what I owe), but I can spare $5 if someone would help make my time in GTA V better than the reality of being out of action.

    If someone would, I would appreciate one of these players skins. I've listed them in order of desire:

    1. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine for Trevor. Now, I know @TheMadBreaker and-- I think-- @Meth0d and @Barak101; maybe @MAESTRE? have come out with Add-on Peds of Hugh Jackman (...and have done a MARVELous job of bringing Wolverine to GTA V), but I was hoping to have a replacement head of Hugh's Wolvie instead of Trevor.
      2). Tony Stark (RDJ) for Michael. 'Nuff said, am I right?
      3). Yet, Don Cheadle's Rhodey for Franklin... Brothas got to represent on Team Iron Man.

    So, if one of you would help a down and out brother, it would go along way in passing the time while I'm recovering. Thank you all for reading this and helping out. If you're interested, just reply on this post. Peace.

  • @Quechus13? @jr59? @420x420? @TheMadBreaker? Anyone? I know it's not a large sum, but guys, I'm stuck in bed-- take pity on the sick? :)

  • These are too specific for me m8 i'd help out if i could but making celebrity face models and textures aren't my thing @MAESTRE is the king of that market


    Why did you mentioned me here in the forum.. I can't be more active here.. If you can contact me on my FB or PATREON.. And you don't need to pay for anything.. The way i see it i can make Hugh Jackman.. :)

  • @TheMadBreaker -- I sent you a message via Facebook. Thanks, brother.

  • Contact with me in facebook.

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