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[SCRIPT][VEHICLE][MAP][PAINTJOB][WIP] Hillclimb Challenge incl. [COMPETITION] win unreleased mods

  • EDIT 2017-02-17: WIP STATUS & INFORMATION 2nd Post - - WIP VIDEOS 3rd Post

    at the moment i am working on a 70s classic german car pack.
    BMW E21 320i - - Ford Capri RS 3100 - - Opel Commodore GS300 - - Opel Kadett V8 - - VW Golf GTI.
    all cars are racing/hillclimb versions. watch their threads to get further information and see some pictures/videos.
    i already created a hillclimb track. right now i am working on a stopwatch+menu script. i want to show the highspeed, add blips to start and finish line and of course the time you need to absolve the course.
    then i got another idea the last days and in this thread i want to ask YOU if you are interested?

    i want a battle on this hillclimb track ;)
    i will upload it and everybody can drive the track and race against my time and/or a highscore list.

    but there are some rules:

    • only one car is allowed (turismo-r)
    • no active mods (instead of the track and the hillclimb script)
    • no shortcuts (must drive the correct road)
    • no tuning allowed

    i will add a highscore list here for the fastest 20 drivers. you must be under 3 minutes to get on the list. my time after 5 tries is 2:57 at the moment and i am not the best driver :grimacing:
    the first 3 persons after a specific time we decide together get a unreleased mod from me and will be added to the track description on the mainsite as the best drivers in gta5mods community :ok_hand:

    First Place: A Car Mod (as soon as ready you can choose between the 4 cars above - BMW E21 already released and the coffin dragster "grave robber" i release when its ready) + 2nd and 3rd place
    Second Place: Racing Suit who fits to the 4 cars livery (i planned 4 different) + 3rd place
    Third Place: one of my unreleased scripts (YoutubersHelper, Self-Destruction, Window Regulator... )
    for all of them i will add pictures and/or videos so you can see what you get

    but i like the idea to do something together in this community and the fun should be paramount. so you can also make suggestions.

    here is the first video of the racetrack moved all videos in 3rd post
    but before i start these big project i want to know if there is enough interest in this. so what do you say?

    EDIT: the project has started so i move this to "Releases and WIP" but keep this post as info for people who want to take part at the competition and how is it come into being

  • WIP - Progress: (Scroll Down for Competition Informations) LAST UPDATED 2017-09-16

    o0° RACETRACKS °0o.....[Maps]

    Lazzy Asses [Quarter Mile Race(Easy)
    Darewood [Street(Medium)
    Pointers Hill [Street(Medium)
    Sandy Slide [Off-Road(Hard)
    Pike Peaks [Street(Hard)
    Wheel Snake [Off-Road(Professional)
    Stony Pathway [Off-Road(Hard)
    Windy Duster [Off-Road(Medium)
    Jeffs Bridges [Off-Road(Hard)
    Aight Tight [Off-Road(Professional)
    Racetrack Features:
    all courses can be driven backwards, weather conditions choosable, have checkpoints and splitmarkers, ghostdriver and replay chooseable
    will add versions with peds after the competition. because of the performance without peds even people with low pc specs can take part (maybe instead i add a menu item, where you can choose peds/no peds if i find a way to do so)

    o0° RACING SUITS °0o.....[Paintjobs]

    Opel Racing Suit 100%
    VW Racing Suit 100%
    Ford Racing Suit 100%
    4th Racing Suit 100%
    see all pictures in the Racing Suit Thread
    the suits will be added to the mod after a specific time past the competition, i will also release them as a single Racing Suit Pack.
    support mp-character, maybe i will add some for trevor, michael, franklin

    o0° VEHICLES °0o.....[Vehicles]

    BMW 320i E21 95% (add better liveries, add (maybe) bodykit, minor bugfixes)(has its own thread)
    Ford Capri RS3100 60% CTW (add interior, ingame functions, dirtmap, scale)(has its own thread)
    Opel Commodore A GS3000 90% CTW (add better liveries, more quality interior)(has its own thread)
    Opel Kadett C - V8 Psycho 3 95% CTW (remap wings, dirtmap and add rearlights, scale)(has its own thread)
    VW Golf GTI 60% CTW (ingame functions, close holes backside interior, dirtmap, scale)(has its own thread)
    Coffin Dragster 50% (change paint1 material, add liveries, dirtmap)
    CTW means competition win (you can win one of these vehicles at the competition)
    Vehicle Features:
    Ingame Functions: breakable windows/tires, bulletholes, dirtmap, correct engine/overheat/exhaust/interiorlight/seat/neons/handlebar position, working lights/steeringwheel/doors/dials, correct european window tint (only backside windows tintable)
    Extra Features: liveries and primary/secondary color, paintable wheels, animated exhaust, animated extra, hq mirrors, electric windows
    Tuningparts: extra_1 ingame plate, extra_2 european plate, extra_3 wipers, extra_4 single wiper, extra_5 mudflaps, extra_6 rollcage, extra_7 spoiler

    o0° Hillclimb Challenge Menu °0o.....[Scripts]

    choose between 4 Racingsuits (shown by preview picture) also the camera goes in front of the player
    the helmet also is shown inside the vehicles
    choose a hillclimb vehicle (shown by preview picture) or spawn by name
    toggle vehicle extras, change liveries, suspension, color, also wheel color, choose plate text
    choose between the 10 courses (shown by preview picture) - checkbox: backwards
    the racetracks (maps) loads without the need of menyoo or map editor have checkpoints & splitmarkers
    weather menu (perfect daytime/nighttime conditions and weather states incl. snow), metric/imperial switch for timer display, activate ghostcar/hotlap, warp in to vehicle switch, replay notification
    hide hud, hide timer, change theme
    while in a race you can reset your car to the latest checkpoint and restart the challenge, a ticker display shows the status and infos.
    the timer display shows the time, 4 split markers, speed, max speed, different themes/overlays available

    all the mentioned functions are already integrated and work since August 2017. Hillclimb Challenge v1.1 reached
    COMPETITION SCRIPTS (scripts for 3rd place and above)
    YoutubersHelper 1.3 100% (demonstration video follows, i use this since 2015, no bugs, works like a charm)
    Self-Destruction 1.0 100% (has its own thread)
    COMPETITION RACINGSUITS (suits for 2nd place and above)
    the suits fit to one livery of each CTW car. so i do 4. you can choose which suit you want and get it exclusive a specific time before i release it to the public. the suits are for the mp character. maybe i add them to the sp characters too
    see all pictures in the Racing Suit Thread
    COMPETITION CARS (cars for 1st place)
    all the mentioned vehicles (CTW) under the "Vehicles Section" take part. you can choose one of them and get it exclusive a specific time before i release it to the public. i dont release them before the competiton. if we dont get enough people for the competition i never release these vehicles
    Description follows the next days, so long look at the first post
    Description follows the next days, so long look at the first post
    Participants (alphabetical order)
    TobsiCred (excluded from prices, if he gets the first place the next person in the list gets the first price and so on)
    check the green links to see pictures and maybe videos of the vehicles/scripts which have their own threads and for getting more info about them

  • more videos will follow LAST UPDATED 2017-08-03

    Broadcast View:

    Replay Mode:

    Split Cam Video:

    The Cars You Can Win At The Competition - With All Liveries Available For The Moment [v. 0.5]

    The Menu With All Actual Functions Shown - The Red Items Dont Work Till Now [v. 0.5]
    if someone want to help me with the script i would be very glad.
    write me at the forum chat :nerd: i try since two weeks getting it to work but my script knowledge is just basic scripting

    First Try With The Opel Kadett C V8 - see the whole competition racetrack [v. 0.1]

    I Will Start A Hillclimb Challenge Video Project On My YouTubeChannel. Every Car, Every Track, 4 Perspectives - this is the beta video for it [v. 0.1]

    One Round With The Competition Car And Includes Also The Nightride Backwards (starts at 3:17min)
    [v. 0.1-0.5]

    Hill-Climb Version 1.0 Sneak Peak - Teaser will follow ;)

  • Count me in.

  • 0_1486216678246_cars.jpg

    here is a screenshot of the cars you can win, of course you can count in even if you dont want to get one of these, like in the first post said, the fun should be in paramount and doing something together.

    have a nice weekend!

  • @TobsiCred This looks amazing. (:

  • @ashishcw thank you :smiley:

  • This would be fun and actually challenging if you used a handling mod....

  • @TobsiCred I would love to be part of this competition. Just tell me where to download everything an lets race

  • @Pantyshot :thumbsup: nice. the racetrack is ready, i also have the needed sourcecode for the script. @ImNotMentaL wanted to help combining the sourcecode, but unfortunately the last 7 days i got no response of my last chat message from him. so we have to wait until someone helps me with the script, then i upload the racetrack and the script on the mainpage and the race can start :red_car:

  • @TobsiCred My team can help you with the script. Do you use teamspeak?

  • v. 1.0 reached
    i moved the thread to "releases and wip".
    all informations and media will be found in the 2nd and 3rd post which i actualize from time to time. this post is just for the people following this thread, so they get a notification that there are some updates on the mod(s)
    every car has now its own thread with pictures/videos. i linked them in post2 if you want further information about them

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