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Handling Bug (Please i need help)

  • Hi, this is my first post and i don't know a lot of english so excuse me if i make a mistake.

    On the last days i installed a lot of airplanes add-ons from SkylineGTRFreak, here are the planes that i installed in order:

    a380 (Replace) (i deleted this)
    b747-8i (Add-on)
    b747-8f (Add-on)
    b787-dreamliner (i deleted this)
    b777-300er (Add-on)
    b747-8i (Replace)
    b737-Max9 (Add-on) (i deleted this)
    b757-200 (Add-on) (i deleted this)

    The problem started when i installed b757-200 or b737-Max9 im not sure but when i installed those i think my handling.meta buged or something like that because now i need a lot of runway to take off every plane! So i can't take off the planes because when i try to take off the plane don't take off and crash with the lights that are in the LSIA runway, i already re-installed gta v and replace the handling with one orignal handling.meta that i found in the internet but the problem is still there, i also installed other mods so i'm going to put a screenshot of my last downloads, i don't know what to do or what is my problem so please help! Note: in the screenshot there are some deleted files because i don't like trash in my computer (rar,zip files) but i installed those in gta V.


    Please idk what to do so i need help.

    Edit: If someone needs my handling.meta to see the problem or someting like that ask me please.

    Edit2: I realize is not only with the planes! Also with cars!! WTF? The cars handling are very weird, it's always drifting! i can't drive!

    Edit3: I think i'm stupid... i had moon gravity activated

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