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Invalid models of valid objects?

  • I have one problem. In Map Editor, a lot of objects don't spawn, because they are "Invalid". But.... Can 1000 objects be invalid in version 1.0.877.1? Can anybody help me?

  • From what i read, some objects only spawn in certain regions of the game (you have to spawn them there), the prefix in the file tells you wich one.
    i really wish someone made that into a list.Sorry i can't help you more/

    Edit :someone actually did, go there and thank them


  • @BladeRJ Thanks you, but I have different problem. When I watch objects in game in Map Editor Object spawn list, I can't see them in list, because they are "Invalid", how script writes me. But 1000 game object can't be invalid!

  • @BladeRJ And I can see some objects, but I think, they're not all.

  • @Loving-mods I believe you need something like this- https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/object-spawn-unlocker Many objects in the game are defined as static and can't be spawned as a prop.

  • @CamxxCore @Loving-mods
    You may talk about expended objectlist, then you need a script to make these object working (use objectSpawnUnlocker 1.0 (NOT 1.1 !!) OR you can use menyoo (then you don't requir objectspawnunlocker)

    Or you want the 10K list (50k in fact xP) object maybe then the " Invalid " object can be turn to VALID if you Open map editor prop list ( default key : F ) into the area of the object you're searching for. (between need to delete "invalidobject" to remove the fake "invalid" and make them validable again (once taged as invalid they'll stay taged as it till you remove invalidobject from your scripts folder, so even if they can still be spawned you will not see what they look like in prop menu )

    Exemple ; You want spawn a desert Road

    then go to desert area
    Open prop menu
    press space bar
    type " CS4 and road " (some will be invalid, getting a higher loading distance settings in graphic option seems to increase the range of validating but not sure)

    Note ; these kind of object are really nice (build, ground, road, etc etc) the only problem is that they dont have any colision so you'll have to add one by placing object under,
    This and the fact that you'll have to set a loading marker in the area the player will have to load the map to get it valid (for exemple yu get desert road valid at alamo, then place it at Paleto Bay, so you'll have to put a marker TO ALAMO, select it and tick the " loading " option > so you made you map to paleto bay, but people will be tp to desert in order to load the map)

    About Area there is a lot, with a Lot of under category that split the main tag area into some cell (ex CS4_01, cs4_02, cs4_03 etc etc)
    so that possible to be in the good area but too far from the object you want ( for ex you open the menu in cs1_01 but the object you want is in a far away cell cs1_09 so it will be invalid, while cs1_03 or whatever can valid ( if not too far from your position).

    To know the area tag easyer I recommend you to mix your search between OpenIV and Map Editor.
    CS are country side (north-northwest-northeast of the map till desert)
    CH are City Hill (North of LS , from West coast to east one
    And about the city they're all different (here openIv is usefull) ex sM, vb, ss, id, ap, po etc ( the tag is mostly a cut of the area name > like SM = Santa Monica , AP = airport, etc etc

    Also since there is a loading marker than can only be placed in one region per map, you will need to do multiple map with multiple marker, For this

    Do your map, place the loading marker, save it
    Then once savec, press " Insert " key (near delete one) it gonna reset script
    So your map will still be spawned , but will not be take in consideration by Map Editor any more so you can start a new map and save it without erasing the previous

  • @Shaezbreizh Thank you very much, bro! It's means, I must to delete invalidobjectlist.ini and use ObjectspawnUnlocker 1.0? Sorry, must I use delete invalidobjectlist.ini and ObjectspawnUnlocker 1.0 in same time? Or they have same function? Sorry, I'm not from England and I not always understand English phrases.

  • @Loving-mods the invalidlist is pointing all object that you didn't get valid IG cause you OPENED prop menu in the wrong area compare to these object.
    So you will have to delete it each time you change of area for a map cause the valid and invalid will change since you changed area (or you can keep it by adding the name of the area it correspond to the invalidobjectlist (it will not use it till yu rename it back to his original name so you not have to remake the validating work when you come back in a zone)
    about objectspawnunlocker that not the same thing, you just have to get the version 1.0 OR Menyoo (not the two together)

  • @Shaezbreizh Ok, thanks.

  • @Shaezbreizh I use Objectspawn Unlocker and I delete Invalidobjectlist too, but I have:image It's normally?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Loving-mods delete your invalid object from your scripts folder and then go back IG, go around michael house, and Open prop menu and then type " bh1_4 "
    use openIv to find easyer the area the tag correspond

  • @Shaezbreizh Mmmm... Yes, I understand. Can you say me, where the problem?

  • @Loving-mods the problem is that bh1 correspond to bevely hills, and that you open the prop menu a too far from this area (also this area is big so you'll not get them all valid at once)

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