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[MISC] GTA Series Features

  • After seeing the openIV team release some screenshots of the GTA IV map mod. It got me thinking, i would like to see some of the GTA features brought back from previous titles.
    Individually or if the mod creators are willing to collaborate with each other. Compiled into one package for download.

    This video goes over the features from GTA IV that are missing from GTA V

    Current submitted requests

    Link index to mods that already have been made.

  • @Cass Sorry, I don't believe combinations of mods are the best idea. Even getting one author to combine mods forces users to have mods they might not want, just to get one feature they do want.

    The people who want Hands Up and Disarm, might not want an Umbrella mod or Helicopter Effects. Those that want Helicopter Effects might not have any use for Hands Up or Disarm mods. But both sets of users would be forced into having the whole lot.

    To me, it's like those modders who want you to install car packs of their models, when you might only want one of their mods... it's really annoying.

    As individual mods, people can pick and choose what suits them, I personally think that's the best option. Sorry if that puts me in the role of party pooper., I just know from my own use of this site, that there are mods I won't use, simply because they come with excess baggage I have no interest in.

  • @LeeC2202 You could use exe installer. Where users can check boxes and choose what options they like. Then the exe creates an oiv to install.

  • @Cass Or... you could simply add links to your post, which would take people to the individual mod pages, where they could download them individually, depending on what they wanted.

    I don't think these mods warrant the time-consuming effort of writing custom exe installers (that would also need supporting in case things go wrong) that build additional oiv packages (which is also something that some people hate) that users then have to install.

    It would also create a secondary point of contact for mod issues and modders don't want/need to be chasing round multiple pages to support their mods. I'd have to go digging through comments, trying to find any that were related to my mods, with the possibility that after going through 100 or more comments, there might be nothing there. I just don't have time to spend doing that... it's not practical use of my time.

    Even for @jedijosh920 who created 4 out of the 5 you listed, it would be a nightmare trying to work out which comments were for which mod, because people would just write "I installed this and my game crashed, plz fix it", leaving you with no idea what it is that needed fixing.

    Suddenly you've got multiple mod authors trying to work out who should be taking responsibility for this mysterious crash, with none of them wanting to do so, in case it isn't their mod causing the crash.

    Honestly, my advice would be to create a "GTAIV Revisited/Recreated" thread in Modding Discussion, list the mods that are already available (with links), get a dialogue going to see if any others are wanted and let that thread feed the Requests section for any ideas that come up. The best way to inspire modders to create, is for them to see positive responses to ideas... you just need to create the platform for those ideas to manifest themselves on.

  • @LeeC2202 No problem. I understand where you are coming from. Just thought id throw my idea out there, see the response.

    Leec2202 made a good point making a proper linked list of GTA IV style mods, on a new topic. You have a starting point with the list I posted. This would be very useful for those looking for that kind of thing. It doesnt have to completely revolve around GTA IV. Like basketball would be a nice addition @NotCrunchyTaco

  • @Cass @LeeC2202 I am working on a shimmy mod called "ShimmyIV"

    If you don't know / remember what shimmy is:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @NotCrunchyTaco Could you do that in GTAIV? It's not that long since I played GTAIV but based on the things I have read on here, I feel like I missed a lot of things in it. :(

    One of the things I did notice that is different and that I don't like, is that you can't walk close to someone, like you did when you went on a date in GTAIV. One of the first mods I wanted to write was like a relationship mod but you couldn't get another Ped to walk by your side. I guess you could probably force them to do it but I suspect it wouldn't be quite the same.

    I also keep thinking about getting the pool tables to be functional... somehow.

  • @NotCrunchyTaco ah yes the shimmy. Forgot bout that one

  • @Cass I have some source code to help me too :)

  • In the list of elements from GTA IV changed in V I miss the most is some parts of the HUD, notably the round-shaped radar (with the health/armor levels around its side).
    Well I think only very few players prefer the old IV's radar to the new rectangular one.

    As from I can see —correct me if I'm wrong— the vanilla UI in GTA V uses the Scaleform middleware (.gfx files), itself Flash-based; so technically how complex it is to modify the concerned files?

  • @UsernameNotRequired said in [MISC] GTA IV Features:

    As from I can see —correct me if I'm wrong— the vanilla UI in GTA V uses the Scaleform middleware (.gfx files), itself Flash-based; so technically how complex it is to modify the concerned files?

    You're right... I have decompiled a couple of these and they are AS3.0 flash files. I keep meaning to have a proper look because I used to be an AS2.0 and AS3.0 developer a few years back.

    I haven't tried changing anything and putting them back though but in theory, it should be possible... but of course, what should work and what does work are not always the same. :D

  • @LeeC2202 I would love functional pool tables. Yes you could shimmy in GTA IV. I may need help with the code because I will need to run a raycast to find a ledge.

  • @Cass Awesome!

  • @Cass I will work on BasketballV and ShimmyIV

  • Would love to have that ear ringing after a nearby explosion, IV had that feature, am I right?


    @NotCrunchyTaco isn't your ShimmyIV very similar to ParkourIV? Or is that more ledge-grabbing over distance and is your complementary?

  • @Akila_Reigns list updated

  • @ReNNie I never saw that mod. So scratch that idea.....


    @NotCrunchyTaco ParkourIV doesn't have a shimmy feature bro, so please don't scrap the idea!

  • @stillhere Really I saw the shimmy in the screenshots. Let me watch a video

  • @stillhere Oh yeah I watched the video. I will not scrap that idea

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