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Doesn't replacing vehicle or handling meta files delete other mods?

  • In mod instructions we often have to replace the vehicle meta files. My question is doesn't this delete any previous modifications that were done with the meta file? Shouldn't the instructions be to open the current meta file and modify the entry for the car in question?

  • @DannyITR1 Are you replace model? Try to do addon.

  • @DannyITR1 I think, do information for a few cars will be difficulty.

  • @DannyITR1 that's right. Vehicles.meta contains the handling lines for all vehicles in the game, so if you replace it with a downloaded one you replace all the vehicles' lines.

    However there are multiple vehicles.meta inside the game files, like the one in /Update and the ones specific to each update, so depending on the file you replace you're screwing up some cars or others. I'd say the master file is the one in /Update/, or /Mods/Update if you're using a mod folder.

    Addon cars should have their own vehicles.meta file so it doesn't affect other vehicles.

    You can easily circumvent this issue by editing the file and only replacing the lines you need.

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