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Do I need zmodeler 2 to convert cars and aircrafts?

  • So do i need zmodeler 2 to convert cars from gta iv to gta v and or from other games to gta v. I would rather not pay for two programs if i dont need to.

  • @maybach123 zmodler 2 is not absolutely necessary. i have never used it. i always use 3ds max or zmodeler 3. but Pro-high level modders use Zmodeler 2 because they are familiar with it, and they have been modding for a while now. but, you do! need zmodeler 2 to convert older models from, old games like GTA 4. because zmodler 3 does not support Old Formats.

  • @FoxtrotDelta alright thanks still watching as many videos as i can trying to figure out where to start with this stuff.

  • @maybach123 Just post questions in the forum. people will help. !

  • @maybach123 As far as I know, you only need Zmodeler2 to import the GTA IV format and export it as z3d. The rest of the work will be done in Zmodeler3. The good thing about it is you only pay once, not monthly like Zmodeler3.

  • @rappo did you buy through bmt mico. Its not really a company i trust.

  • @maybach123 Yeah I did, but like you I didn't totally trust it so I just paid through PayPal, that way I didn't have to send them my credit card details.

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