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Help with LOD files...

  • One of the buildings I'm completely retexturing in my Retro Five mod is Mosley Auto Service (Albany dealer too?).

    Anyway, the dealer is particularly run-down as is everything in Davis.

    I've edited out most of the branding from the dealer, and from a distance, the locations of the branding are black boxes, likely because there's no texture for that particular area.

    Is there anything I can do to solve it? Has anybody solved it?

    Is there a mod that disables LOD files? (I recognize the performance toll)

    alt text
    :arrow_up: In this shot, black boxes can be seen around the building in various areas.

    alt text
    :arrow_up: In this shot, they obviously won't show because they aren't LOW-DETAIL textures.

  • @aidenpatrickPGH for retro v add a in n out in Blaine county that will replace the up and atom in blaine county and what happened to the kfc in little seoul

  • @Dannybus The KFC is done. I have the screenshot to prove it. I just haven't uploaded it yet because I need to do a bit of polishing.

    alt text


    @aidenpatrickPGH Good show!

    Plan on finding out a good location for a NAPA station and a K-Mart among other things.

    How do you serach around the archives? Is there already insight to what's where roughly?

    Also still need LODS for the shipping containers at the docks :/

  • @ReNNie Well, everything is grouped roughly by location. For example, ktown_01 its the Korea town archive.

    Often times I search for mods on the site that are in a relatively nearby location to what I'm editing, and check that mod's installation path for the building I'm editing.

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