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Can someone give me a copy of this game?

  • Modding this game looks amazing i just do not have the money for it, any kind soul willing to give me a copy (Ill even play with you lmao)

  • The Requests section is for requesting mods, not a copy of the game.

  • Classy first post... I can only imagine what the end results of this thread will be. :zipper_mouth:


    I bought a used copy for 25€ and let the previous owner tranfer the R* account into my name

    So, if you don't even have that to spare I suggest you lay of the cr@ck

  • @PillWerry --

    Enjoyed the laugh, friend; I don't know if you're trolling or genuine, but you're funny regardless. If you are trolling, I soon suspect this post will be the last we see of you. Now, if you are even remotely serious, here's my advice: Ask for an early advance on any birthday/holiday cash from family & friends; it's worked for me. Save a bit from paycheck to paycheck; or get a job if you don't have one. Pawn something (...of YOURS. Don't steal). Donate blood. Discreetly panhandle (...for instance, say your car broke down and you need a bit for gas and/or a tow truck. Be careful though, if someone offers to help by actually paying for a tow truck-- instead of giving you the money-- thank them, ask them to wait so you can excuse yourself to a restroom, then get out of there!). There are a variety of LEGAL ways to get the money you need.

  • @PillWerry Man, really? I'm still a Student and I don't have that much spare but I took the money and bought it. I think you can do it too but you don't want to spend anything. And for 25-30€, which should be about the same in Dollar or whatever is not an unpayable amount of money.

  • @BatKnight It is genuine, I just dont have the money at the moment and ill probably get the game sometime sooner or later in the future.

  • @PillWerry Dude if you don't have this money you shouldn't have a computer. You should be making your house payments, or as I imagine your a 10 year old, just wait until your birthday.

  • Life is not such a simple thing my friend! Do you think someone could come here and give you the game easily? come be a great innocence for thinking that but even then if someone would appear to "give" the game, possibly 99.9% would be a virus or someone wanting to delude you. Follow the advice of our non-idiot friend @BatKnight :)

  • Moderator, please, just lock this thread, begging doesn't belong in mod request section... seriously.

  • @TobsiCred Damn... that's the ultra-rare, uber single-disk enhanced version too. ;)

  • @TobsiCred Does it work on PS4? :D

    Edit: Uber-awesome. :thumbsup: :100:

  • @TobsiCred U R Da Boss of da GTA internetz!! :bow:

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