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Game Keeps Crashing in Sandy Shores....?

  • Decided to come back to some Moded GTA 5 and it seems that when im in Sandy Shores/Airfield, my game will crash with in a few seconds to a minute or so...Ive taken out my scrips folder, updated my Scripthook, Scripthook V.net, Native UI, still getting crashes..., perhaps there is a newer/better gameconfig i can use (maybe the one i have it outdated?)


    Says it's updated..I have that current version and still getting crashes only in Sandy Shores...Any insight?

    Thanks in advance

  • I also had a similar problem once. I wasn't crashing in Sandy Shores but in an other part of the map. It turned out that some game files were broken and I had to redownload them. I would suggest you to validate your game files.

  • @Oskar

    Weird, validated my files, still crashes for some reason....


    The Blazer3 is moded, just of a monster skin though, never caused crashes before...what makes you think its this vehicle specifically is causing the crash and not my other vehicles?

    UPDATE: Blazer3 was set back to default and the game still crashes.. :/
    Thanks in advance,

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