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New modder questions about interiors

  • Hi Guys,

    I've been modding other games for a while and was recently playing around with the map editor and ended up having a few questions.

    Are the interiors in the game pre-fab objects with added clutter?
    Or are they all constructed from wall/floor objects?
    Does anyone know a usable keyword to search for them?

    Playing the game i noticed the load happening when I enter the interiors,

    Are the interiors using occlusion planes?
    I've seen that DDS textures are used, but do the textures require mipmaps?

    Thanks guys! I hope to be building some mods soon.

  • You mean interiors like humane labs , michael house etc?
    then it uses a big object which is a shell of the object (every wall) and then other props which are sometimes stacked togeher (eg: wooden boxes)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thanks for the response, i assumed as much but i looked through some prop lists with keywords like "interior" and "house" and couldn't find them. Any idea if there's a list of them out there?

  • @Dev0lv0r type V_int
    but i don't think that they can be spawned

  • Good question.
    I'm just starting out with Modding my game and wondered... Can I make my own interiors?.
    So this is a great thread for me to follow.
    Then I wondered.. Can I make existing 'doors' open?.
    A: There are doors that are just textures (on Liquor stores and such).. I'm guessing they cant be fiddled with, so some kind of "teleport" would be needed there.
    B: There are some places where we have Glass doors, and a very basic interior, but you cant open the doors as "Any" of the players. I wondered if theres a way to break those and make them Openable to give us access inside.

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