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Alternatives to scripthook V after last update

  • Iv'e been wanting to use the trainer that comes with Alexander Blade's scripthook V. This hasn't been updated since December 15th and I can't for the life of me find any alternatives or solutions. Gta won't run with the script installed because of the last game update.
    My question is what I can do for the time being. There is no way an entire community of this game is relying solely on one persons script.

  • @ConfusedDeer43 I don't understand what you mean... do you mean the trainer hasn't been updated?

    As for alternatives, are you saying that when you typed "Trainer" into the main site, nothing showed up?

    And yes, the entire community does rely on ScriptHookV... but then again, the majority of the community are also using it with zero problems. You need to explain more about what exactly is and isn't working on your machine.

  • @ConfusedDeer43 Why don't you use this instead ?

  • @cgz still need Scripthook V as per instructions

  • @benjtheman You always need Scripthook V but you can choose your trainer .
    But for now I didn't see yet if it's updated so don't update the game.

  • @ConfusedDeer43 If I am not wrong, and as far as I know, Scripthook is a library that allows users to use GTA V native functions in a custom formats. And I wouldn't say alternative as a "PERFECT SUBSTITUTE" but RAGE Plugin Hook is another library which enable users to write/use scripts.

    Now, as far as your Requirement goes, try this

    This is a trainer written using RagePluginHook, but again, that plugin needs to be updated, and I am unsure, if that's already been done.

    You can find more about it here, https://ragepluginhook.net/About.aspx

    I am unsure about your requirement, but this is as much of assistance I could offer.

  • If we are using simple trainer or something like that and the game updates, we're screwed. There has to be an alternative that script hook v, where our asi. files can load. It's impossible that the modding community relies on this simple file to make our asi. mods load.

  • Open Script Hook v (Experimental) This will not fix your trainer issue (As far as I know), but it will load most mods. It will not load ELS for lspdfr, but it loads 90% of my mods for lspdfr including VisualIV and EUP mods. It will load replacement cars for lspdfr or modded replacement cars in general (It will load ELS vehicles for use, but the ELS lights will not work). That is what I use Scripthook V for. It is worth trying, I have only used it in lspdfr, but who knows what else it will work for. Hope this helps till Scripthook V updates. I am sure others are looking for an alternative too.


  • @Saintally Only 4 years late.

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