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How can we get this gate to move

  • 0:29-0:38

    this house is arguably the best piece of real estate in the game providing the circular driveway and tree it's very "colonial/east coast". Definitely brings a different dynamic to the game and personally i wanna spawn there when i start the game ;). For some reason the gate never moves. Is it possible to get it to open or slide or is just a solid structure?

  • @CurtArchitect That prop is not a door like the one across the road. So you cant open and close it. I first tried to add the door to the system but could not find the door hash to make it work. Then i tried to delete the prop and replace with a door that slide. But had mixed results. Sometimes it would open and some times not. I tried to use slide object but it did not look right. Anyway i made a simple script that moves the gate when you get close. It does not look that good but gets the job done.

  • I've actually almost finished the script that makes it open and close like a normal gate... damn I really need to write things faster. :(

  • @LeeC2202 Can i ask how. Did you add it as a door, Or wright a script to move the position?

  • @aimless I simply moved the position. I've written it using a state system, so all I need to add is you approaching the gate while it is closing, so that it changes the state to opening again.

  • @LeeC2202 Ok thanks.

  • @aimless So I've just finished this now but having been beaten to the punch (once again) I have no idea what the state of this is. Are you now going to write it the way I've done it or do you want me (or mind me) posting the script I've written?

    I don't mind either way... I'm not going to pick up requests again though after this one, as I am getting beaten to it because I can't write code fast enough, so I'm just wasting my time doing it.

    That's not a gripe against you, I can't blame the experienced coders for picking these things up and dealing with them quickly... it's just a bit disheartening when it happens once and even more so when it happens again. :(

  • @LeeC2202 I think you should post it. If it opens and closes like a normal door. I just opened it when close. Anyway ill probably should have said. Yea ill make it or something.

  • @CurtArchitect So here's the script I wrote. The gate activates within 10 units, which seems fairly consistent with how the normal gates work. I think it acts just like a normal gate apart from when the scripts are reset and you are outside the detection range. The gate will stay in its last position until you walk within range, then it will open.

    Edit: I have just realised, I usually post these as plain scripts instead of dll files... if you'd rather have that, let me know and I'll upload that instead (or as well).

    Gate Opener

    @aimless I really am sorry for posting something as angry as I did. It wasn't very good, especially considering all the help you have given on these forums. It just seems that whenever it happens, I am pretty much writing the last lines of code, so I don't react too well. :( It's not something I am proud of and can only apologise for what I posted.

    Maybe it's just a reminder that I am in amongst people much more experienced in GTAV modding, coding especially and I just can't perform at the same level... I can't get rid of the passion to create though.

  • @LeeC2202 You did not seem angry towards me. So no apology needed. Anyway Curt gets the gate open. And all is good. Next time i will reply if i take on a request.

  • @CurtArchitect Before I go to bed, I uploaded the plain script to my Google Drive as well. I always have a nagging concern over dlls that are posted through the forums, because people don't get the assurance of them being checked by the admin, and that's the main reason I use plain scripts. Had I gone to bed, I would have just ended up getting up again to do this, so this just saves me getting colder later. :D

    So you can either use this version or the dll that I uploaded earlier, I will leave it to you to decide.

    Gate Opener - Plain script file


    @AIMLESS Thanks for your time. I'm completely ignorant to coding but learning slowly so hopefully one day i'll get to help u with a request. Blessings

  • @leec2202 it worked flawlessly thank you!

  • @CurtArchitect Excellent... I'm sure I've seen other gates I'd personally like to get into, so I might use that script myself. :)

  • Decompile the doortuning.ymt file!!!

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