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(SOLVED)Game Keeps Crashing in Sandy shores by Airfield and sometimes the prison...

  • Decided to come back to some Moded GTA 5 and it seems that when im in Sandy Shores/Airfield, my game will crash with in a few seconds to a minute or so...Ive taken out my scrips folder, updated my Scripthook, Scripthook V.net, Native UI, still getting crashes..., perhaps there is a newer/better gameconfig i can use (maybe the one i have it outdated?)


    Says it's updated..I have that current version and still getting crashes only in Sandy Shores...Any insight?

    Thanks in advance

  • Does this happen without mods?

  • @Orangade Nope, not at all, i know its the Mod folder, i just don't know what is causing it I took out my whole scrips folder and it still did it so i know its not any of the scrips and i have the https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars and it works for this update currently so i know its not my gameconfig, alkso if it was it would be freezing on the loadup screen.

    I was hoping someone would know if it was a certain car or skin that was causing the problem and perhaps i could find out if someone had the same car/skin as me so i could narrow it down.

    Guess ill have to go in and search all my skins individually...

    This is going to take awhile....

  • @patpat3131 Try checking your OpenIV.log file, see what files are at the end, as they would be the last files loaded before it crashed. If any are from the mods folder, try removing (or renaming) them first.

  • @LeeC2202 Well i played around with my files and couldn't find it...so i deleted my mods folder and created another one... the crashing stopped in sandy shores now so assuming it was a skin on a car causing the crash...but for some reason my game is crashing in the mod shop now and not sandy shores... seems like every few weeks mods are fucking up due to rockstar updates and i can never really find the MAIN cause of it....

  • @patpat3131 I actually have a very similar problem... I always start with Trevor in the desert, it's a good test area for the mods I write. If I have my mods folder active, that has nothing but addon cars and a couple of planes in it, if I switch to Franklin and he's at his house, the game will crash just as camera zooms in on his house. If I take out the mods folder, it switches fine.

    I have no idea how addon cars and planes can cause it, so most of the time now, my mods folder is empty. The game is bizarre sometimes, it really is.

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah it's weird.....my game will freeze in one mod customs shop but not the other... tried taking my scripts folder out as well....same result..solved the sandy shores freeze..but now this new problem arises. :/

    I was also thinking how Add-On cars/planes could also cause the game to act up....

    I'm thinking tomorrow im going to do a CLEAN sweep on all my vehicles and planes and start from scratch again and re add them....

    Like i mean i am still having NEW issues even though i only have add-on cars/planes so maybe re adding the dlc files into Update folder might fix that problem...just seems so much work to get mods to work then rockstar updates and there are new peoblems... :/

    god i hate GTA 5 modding......but soo addicting at the same time...

    I'll keep you posted on the issue, it that fixes my problem i'll let you know and maybe that method will work for you and maybe fix your "franklin loading screen problem"

    I have even re-verified my game files....

  • @patpat3131 said in Game Keeps Crashing in Sandy shores by Airfield and sometimes the prison...:

    god i hate GTA 5 modding......but soo addicting at the same time...

    My thoughts precisely. :D

    I thought mine might have been script related but the minute I renamed my mods folder, it worked fine... I keep wondering if my problem is simply down to how many addons I have got as individual cars. I have 34 addons and only one of those is a multi-vehicle pack.

    But yeah, please post back any progress, not only might it help to solve my problem, it will also become a good reference topic for others. The more problems with solutions we get, the better equipped we are to help others. I wish you good luck. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 Man...saw your post as soon as i got in from college and thought, hell... rename the mods folder and it might work? well i took your suggestion and.... i thought well i don't think that would cause the game to act up its just naming a folder..... o.O

    IT WORKED...no more crashes in the customs shop now...or in sandy shores... I can't actually believe that method worked!!!

    you just saved me hours of work

    I did rename my mods folder to "mods folder" and my mods didn't work and changed it back to "mods" and my add on's worked so i am assuming you HAVE to have your folder named "mods" in order for them to work and for OpenIV to register the mods...

    As for your Franklin issue i am honestly not sure... perhaps trying to rename the mods folder like you originally suggested if you have not?
    Try re downloading the script?
    perhaps take ALL scrips out of your GTA directory and try ONE script at a time or take like 3-5 or w.e how many you have until it doesn't crash anymore?
    So after 4days of testings and works... sandyshore freeze was im pritty sure caused by a skin on a vehicle since i took them all off and it seem to not freeze..as for the customs mod shop freeze, all i had to do it RENAME THE FILE......LOL
    Again....GTA5 modding is just.......speechless....i hate computers....lol

  • @patpat3131 Yes, your mods folder must be called mods for it to work, but renaming it is the quickest way of disabling it for testing.

    As for my issue, the only scripts I use are the ones I write, which makes things easier to diagnose. I probably have a bad car mod or something, not sure. It only affects my development version, so having no mods folder isn't a problem... it was just a weird one how it only affected changing to Franklin and only when he was at home.

  • @LeeC2202 yeah that's weird...then again you write the mods and i know nothing about that stuff...i wish you luck on it :/

    UPDATE turns out it's not actually the skin of the car that caused the problem..it was a certain vehicle.meta file that was the issue.

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