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Dlclist.xml and extratitleupdate help

  • I figured out why the latest update was not working for me and it was because I'm missing some entries in the file. I added mpimportexport and patchday13 into the dlclist and my game crashes with a popup "ERR_FIL PACK 1" something like that, anyways if anyone could help that would be great. ill answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz Why did you need to add those to the dlclist.xml file? They should have been added as part of the patch upgrades. Is your GTAV updated properly?

  • I accidentally replaced the original one with my modded version... which also was from a previous patch... lol but if I could get someone to send me both extratitle and dlclist from the latest patch or help me properly insert the lines I need to I will be thankful

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz The only way that can happen is if someone sends it to you privately, original files can't be linked on the forums.

    The easiest way to get the original files back, is to simply allow the game to verify your files.

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