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  • Anytime I try to start up my gta my rgh crashes has anyone else had this issue


    Could you please provide more details? i.e Are you using mods / texture or it happened after you did what to your game... People on this forum can't help you if you don't describe your problem clearly. or at least couples of screenshot would be a good clue.

  • @Lift-Leniency no one can help if you don't provide any details (mods installed, etc)
    all what I can say here is uninstall all your mod and test them one by one to see wich one make your game crash. Also it can be due to different reason as outdated mod, missing requirments, pirated version not supported, mod incompatibility, corrupted game file etc etc


    I have had this issue. Daily in fact. It's mostly caused by my own stupidity when editing files and R*'s way of coding. So there you go...

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