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[MISC] GTA V DLCs All in Root for mermory increasement

  • Hello,

    As some addon makers might know, that there are many problems with getting big addons to work with alot of modkit hunting and gameconfig editing after every new GTA V update. The game spent all the fragment and envoriment resources before even reading our DLC's. The problem here on doing this every update is, that GTA V get much and much more limited to the memory possibilities. And that means also for us modder, that our modding possibilities get limited!

    The RAGE engine can't really handle this kind of external loading. Some of you like me reminds this on the time where GTA V runs better at the previous PC version.

    Rockstar Games can't get the dlcs perfect everytime. Thats why we got updates that was getting updated by an new update! Alot of useless trash files are left then,
    So why we are not making for our modding section this what Rockstar Games isn't able to do?
    Just combine all existing GTA V DLCs and patches, and put them into the root RPF archives that they get much better loaded like in the old GTA IV times. That will give us much more memory, and free space for our own addons. But thats not all! If we combine them, then we able to see all in used modkits on one list! One file and 1 path we can use as replace. Isn't it a pain in the a*s to looking everytime which carcols of YFT file is currently in used by the game? Why wasting memory and alot of time if we are modders?

    So my request is just a modified RPF file/s that have all existing GTA V DLCs and patches combined. For the memory, for easyness, for sturcture, for better replacement, for our community.


    MrGTAmodsgerman :)

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman But if you did that, you would be directly distributing unmodified game files... that's like handing a free ticket to pirated GTAV users to get their hands on a nice convenient set of files.

    There is no way Rappo would allow that on the site.

  • @LeeC2202 First things first, we have mods folders. The second thing is, if the upload only give us the carcols file, YMT,.. files in the download so we can drag and drop our DLC files would make it allowable.
    Also there was a way before the mods folder feature came up to use modded files. Do it like on old days with backups. It would be also possible to upload a tutorial how to do it right with right premodded carcols files.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Your first post makes it sound like you want someone to compact all the dlc patches into one rpf, is that not what you mean? Do you mean just specific files related to modkits? If so, then I misunderstood that part.

    As for the mods folder, that is required by everyone other than Steam users. Modding the original files will cause an immediate verify/download to take place, which will replace the modded files. For Retail users, like myself, the mods folder is mandatory, there is no other option.

  • @LeeC2202 Blocking GTA V from internet was the old way to mod GTA V before the mods folder feature came up! And it maybe sounds like that, but my request should be get otimized by the people who want to do this. If they combine them, good, but not allowed here. So a alternative tutorial upload with premodded data files? Its a free choice.
    And Yea Steam users shouln't get problems with the old way that i said. I am Retail user too but thats how we mod GTA V on the early stages on PC.

    And why shouldn't Rappo allow this? He allow DLC packages for cracked or older versions. Alot of copyrighted video and audio mods. So why not this?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman You can't block GTAV from the internet, it will demand online activation every few days... I think it's about every 7 days you have no option but to go online to verify the activation.

    DLC packages were only allowed until there was a mod that allowed the new DLC vehicles to be spawned in single player. I suggest you read this post https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/4752/resolved-why-i-recode-the-new-updates-for-non-updated-versions and take note of the status of the thread and rappo's decision.

    And let's not forget one other thing... I am a software developer by profession, I would certainly have a problem with seeing the whole of the GTAV DLC packaged into a nice pirate friendly download. But maybe we should just raise the topic with @rappo and let him decide.

  • @LeeC2202 @MrGTAmodsgerman said in [MISC] GTA V DLCs All in Root for mermory increasement:

    And why shouldn't Rappo allow this? He allow DLC packages for cracked or older versions. Alot of copyrighted video and audio mods. So why not this?

    I understand this completely, but I think there's a reason.

    I personally think it's because unlike Rockstar Games, music artists or video publishers aren't (if this makes any sense), on their feet as often as Rockstar is.

    Here's an example of what I'm trying to say, I'll use an old Rockstar lawsuit from 2006 as an example.

    In 2006, the actor, Roger Hill, as Cyrus in the 1979 cult classic The Warriors, filed a lawsuit of around $250,000 USD because Rockstar used his voice in the 2005 video game The Warriors, based on the 1979 movie (it's a good game for a movie based game.) without his permission. The game itself allegedly made around $30mil, which got Roger Hill to say "it probably won't be that expensive to pay off."

    Development of The Warriors first started in 2002, got released 3 years later in 2005. Now I'm not sure how long lawsuits take to set-up, but Roger Hill waited a year later, and if lawsuits do take a while to set-up, then this would probably explain why, but just in case if it's the opposite, this is an example of showing what I mean by "being on your feet".

    Rockstar updates GTA 5 a lot of the time, they catch onto the modders before you can blink, they ban your account within seconds of seeing illegitimate money on your account, and if you even get to that point in GTA 5 modding, they toss you a C&D (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cease_and_desist) within seconds of finding out you did something against their policy.

    Now why do you suppose audio/video isn't as big a worry as GTA 5 DLC being re-released as a downloadable, compared to changing code that goes "dlc_object_spawn_true" to "dlc_object_spawn_true_to_multiplayer"? Or whichever way DLC patching works. (who cares, really?)

  • @LeeC2202
    @krashadam Rockstar Games allow offline modding! They allow everything, they will not ban us until we get into gta online.
    At seems that your are very from the last stage of modding. If you got the internet verification, then you just simply copy paste your original files. Dude, why should i explain you this? This is logic!
    And i hate people that pirat GTA V! The developer deserves it! GTA 6 needs to be better than V, so pay pay pay pay pay money! Its not a game from Ubisoft or something. Pay!

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman said in [MISC] GTA V DLCs All in Root for mermory increasement:

    He allow DLC packages for cracked or older versions.

    No he doesn't.
    rappo doesn't allow any mods containing pure vanilla vehicles, because of what @LeeC2202 said above. And I don't think you'll be able to create a rpf with every other DLCs inside it, you'll get the error ERR_FIL_PACK_3 because the size will be over 4GB.

    Edit: If your planned mod only uses files like carcols, I guess it's OK, but rappo should decide what should be done.

  • @Akila_Reigns

    "and put them into the root RPF archives that they get much better loaded like in the old GTA IV times"

    I said archives, that means more than 1 root archives. I don't think that we will get this error when we cover the dlcs over the main archives. I would like to know how much frames and other stuff we would get with that! But someone should do it. But noone will do it like all requests here that i made. It will be send to forgotten threards

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman They don't allow offline modding, because if they did, they wouldn't be patching it so that we have to keep busting our balls just to have our mods. And they don't ban offline modders because it would dramatically affect Rockstar's reputation, and would therefore cause them to lose money, which can lead them to bankruptcy, also causing them to disappear as a company.

  • @krashadam

    Patch break mods every time even in games like Skyrim and Minecraft. It has nothing to do with anti modding .The update happened because there is Online content.

    And no, R* doesn't ban people who solely play Singleplayer modding.Otherwise, this thing would have burst into outrage all over on YouTube.

  • I haven't much experience with modding, but as far as I can tell, putting DLCs in root might simply not work. I remember messing with some files, and when I attempted to put them out of DLC folders, game couldn't read it.
    We seriously need to make sure it works without any issues first, and then decide if it's an option or not. Plus I don't think it would considerably improve framerate, as this stuff in theory relies on HDD speed more than anything else.

    Regarding R* relation to modding, there's no indication they actually allow it, there's absolutely no modding support for any GTA. All mods consist of hacks, either memory or some in-game files, so modders go big lengths to apply these mods to game, and have to use external tools like script hooks to force game to accept that. They do not ban SP modders because they simply CAN'T, if you go online with some mods on, you'll get banned almost 100%, and no matter what kind of mod you have. This policy is understandable to prevent players from cheating in MP (and sell more shark cards), but the way they purposely blocking content for SP says a lot about R* attitude towards players and mods in general.

  • Forget to mention about scripts, it is proven that they did enforce a protection "code" regarding dlc cars in singleplayer ( online cars start disappearing if you spawn them via trainer).

    Yea it's a shitty attitude for R*, but what my point is that patching usually tempers the game exe , so any script that uses the old hashes will be incompatible to the new patch which used a complete different hashes. This make the game unable to translate the old script.

    So not all patch has to do with anti modding.Its quite normal for a game update to break mods, in particularly external scripts.

  • @cyberzone2 @LeeC2202 @krashadam

    I forgot to mention there is a other way to play without mods folder. That way called encrypting RPF files. They won'get detected as corrupted!

    And mods don't even work after a update because the hashes was changed! Rockstar Games apologized some day after all modders complain that the mods don't even work anymore. The only ass*oles that try to catch us is Take2!! Take2 is the boss of the publishment

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman It's a nice idea, the only problem it's to edit every file that uses in one of their lines, the old directory, that will be a headcache.
    PD: I don't give a fuck about getting banned or things like that, if this would make GTA V run better, it's all good for me.

  • @MAESTRE No need to worry about the file checking problem anymore!!
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/no-gtavlauncher This is the perfect solution for it! It simply skip the file checking, so you can go online with any game version you want

    Also R* prevent DLC cars in single player since after a few dlcs that comes on the pc version, cuz Youtuber leak all these cars before R* officially unlock them. Also they want to make it exclusive content to make GTA Online still attractive.


    @MrGTAmodsgerman In my opinion, this launcher is stupid (no offense). Because why do you need to run the game using another launcher? He could have just make an .asi and this way you would only have to run GTA5.exe and the .asi loader loads the .asi. Saves you another 2-5 seconds and it's much cleaner. Been doing this for months this way.
    And regarding the gameconfig.xml, I've made an .asi plugin for that as well.

  • @Unknown-Modder Could Yu SHARE That Launcher b B

  • @stillhere I m Talking About The One UM Is Talking Bout Not That One Preciate It Tho

  • I need to push this, because since the last update, i can't run my car mod dlc in combination with others. The resources are now so much reached and i tried any updated new gameconfig :(

    We need to do something. I hear alot performence problems and crashes from other modders that i know. The problem is getting bigger. And i hope R* will not downgrade any other graphic effect with the next update, like they did on EmissiveMultiplier.

  • @Unknown-Modder said in [MISC] GTA V DLCs All in Root for mermory increasement:

    And regarding the gameconfig.xml, I've made an .asi plugin for that as well...

    Once second, which asi plugin do you mean? Did you share it?

  • so, have anyone tried this to see if it works? ofcourse without uploading, just for testing purpose

  • @shephart What i know is, @kizacudo just made about 500 addons to work on his game by removing some patches and such. He should answer here with his experience.

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