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[MISC] GTA V DLCs All in Root for mermory increasement

  • Bump.

    So one issue I've found is that the Ammunation layout is still the version from the DLCs, with some weapons being invisible, purchasable, but they do not appear in your inventory. I've removed all the DLCs from dlclist.xml that were released after LTS update, and kept all the patchday#ng ones. Any idea what file controls the Ammunation store? Removing the DLCs hasn't caused any issues, no crashes or anything, but it would be nice to have the old, less cluttered Ammunatiom back.

  • @cp1dell Sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Asfff I Didnt Touch Patchs At All

  • It's strange because the weapons essentially don't exist since the DLC is disabled with the dlclist.xml file, but the ability to purchase the weapons is still there - albeit, you're just dumping money on nothing.

    I assumed it was the shop_weapon files for the DLCs, but even removing the DLC files in update/x64/dlcpacks and update.rpf/dlcpacks still resulted in Ammunation having the updated shop with the DLC weapons. I'll note, they're not visible because the models aren't loaded, and some don't even have the names. I'm assuming it's something in one of the patch packs.

    EDIT: It could be that the extratitleupdate.xml needs to be edited as well. I know the two files load two different things from DLCs. I'll test this out later.

    Part of me wonders if it is the slot numbers or whatever in the begining of the weapons.meta, not sure what exactly it is for but I'm not 100% sure it controls the slots/weapon placement in Ammunation.

    EDIT2: So the method of erasing these paths in the two files does stop the game from loading the DLC content. It's some other file though that is telling the game "there is a purchasable item in this slot," but there is no "existing" DLC weapon to buy because it wasn't loaded,for Ammunation, I'm just not sure where.

    Same goes for upgrades for weapons. There is a blank space with a price, but purchasing it does nothing to the weapon because the upgrade does not exist.

    Even deleting the DLC files that the weapons belong to doesn't completely remove them from the store. Some of the items have their names and descriptions, so for some reason some of the DLC items are in the update.rpf's american.gxt file. I cannot figure out thought what is still saving the spot for the weapons in Ammunation though. It's the Knuckle Dusters, Machete, some pistol that is unnamed, and the Proximity Bombs. For some reason these DLC weapons still "appear" in the Ammunation menu even though they aren't loaded into the game and can't be bought. I'd just like to restore Ammunation to its original menu before it got cluttered up with the DLC weapons, and all the pistols got crammed into that one shelf.

    EDIT: So I double checked and reenabled the DLC, and then disabled it. All the other DLC weapons available in SP are completely removed, it is only the ones listed before that "half-appear." No idea what controls this though.

  • For me, its no option to remove all these DLCs. These DLCs just add a lot of new modding possibilities like animated engine and such. From modders that are able to run over 500 dlc cars, is that they just put alot of these car addons into one dlc. But what if we are combine all dlc's into one or two RPF files (because 4GB limit)? And then put these dlcs into the root file like x64h.rpf and mount them like those root rpfs? I am sure these root rpfs needs to be mounted in the images.meta and the gta5.meta.

    Remember, all those standard gta 5 vehicles on next gen was also dlcs on oldgen. But they put them into the root files and it works great.

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