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ERR_FILLPACK1 game crash error

  • Can someone please help me resolve this issue


    ERR_FILL_PACK_1 actually.

    What happened? What did you do causing this?

    Try the search function for the error.

    Most likely caused by having too many add-on packs active in dlclist.xml, I believe.

  • how can I combine them into one dlc, because I have one dlc with over 200 aircraft in it


    @IraqVet how many you got? Keep individual dlc's lower than 3,5GB and no ore than 90 or so total (including R*'s)

    combining them: merge the info in the meta files, info in content.xml and copy over the models and modkits into a new dlc

  • sounds like it would be easier if someone made a new game config that actually worked. I downloaded the latest one which didn't resolve the issue


    +1 but our mod life isn't that easy I'm afraid

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