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install cars and mods

  • HI
    How do i install cars and more ?

  • First of all dont install replace cars because they lower your fps
    install Add ons
    1-When you install any addon car u will find these 2 things in the ReadMe
    1a- "<Item>dlcpacks:\CARNAME</Item>" which goes into the dlclist.xml which is found inside Gtav folder > mods (if you have one,if you dont just go to update folder> >update > update.rpf > common >data (You must be in openiv)

    2-you will have the game file which will go to mods > update > x64 > Dlc packs , then drage the car file inside it
    (you have to be in edit mode to do anything from that)

    Thats it go in game with any trainer that allows Spawn car by name and type the name which you will find inside the Readme

    Tell me if you have any questions :)

  • @FirasElfawal You only lose FPS with replace cars if they are poorly created with too many polygons and incorrect LODs.

    You never need to enter anything into extratitleupdatedata.meta, that is a pointless file for modders and the message really needs to get out there, that addon creators should stop telling people to make any changes to it.

  • i didnt know that :D anyway i edited it

  • @FirasElfawal A lot of people don't know that because the people creating the mods keep putting the information in their mods. :D

    From what I have been told, the file is to allow Rockstar to make partial updates to the dlc packs, without having to update the whole pack again.

    From the modder's perspective, it's probably something from when they first started creating the mods but all it does now, is create another file that people can make mistakes in. The less files people need to edit, the less chance they have of making errors.

  • Hello Im stuck what do i install first before installjng vehicle add ons

  • @rajakhan1997 Please create your own thread so that someone can answer your question directly. It is not fair to the OP of this thread to start answering your question in it.

  • Thank you for the help

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