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i cant replace community-made cars with police cars

  • although i replace the 3 (and sometimes 4) files of -for example- police2 vehicle (i mean police2.ytf/police2_hi.ytf/police2.ytd) in x64e.rpf and although in openiv it shows me the new car as police2, i still when use trainer to spawn police 2(or even when i search streets) it is the default car.
    it happens with some other cars for me too. my gta is steam version. pls help me with this guys. my steam id is cschoke(steamcommunity.com/id/cschoke)
    thx alot :)


    I think you've replaced the police cars in the wrong rpf. The game obviously spawns it from another one. Find out which rpf (in a later update) also holds police cars and replace again?

  • @Arash-CCX put the models into the patchday13ng DLC.

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