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Make the Tec Semi-Automatic.

  • Can anyone tell which line do I have to edit to make the machine pistol semi-automatic? Is it even possible thou?

  • In the Machine Pistols weapons.meta near the bottom will have a bunch of flags. Remove the automatic flag. Only thing, is GTA makes any weapon automatic if it's flagged to be or not, so to make it work correctly (and other weapon too) download Enforcer Zhukovs Selective Fire mod.

    The machine pistols meta files will be in both

    Update/update.rpf/x64/dlcpatch/mplowerider (or the second one, forgot which low rider update exactly)


    Update/x64/dlcpack/mplowrider (again, could be the second, I forgot which one it's in but it's a lowrider)

  • Thank you a lot!

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