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My modded gta v is 300 gb

  • So i have gta v modded but its 300 gb for some reason ( i uninstalled and installed the game like 3 or 2 times a month ago)
    Idk why its 300 gb i definetly dont have that much of mods ,i might have like just 5 gb of mods that it .Can someone please help me how to fix this?

  • @FirasElfawal Your post is too vague for us to even begin to know where to start, we need some exact figures.

    How big is the mods folder, how big is your scripts folder, how big is the game folder in total?

  • @FirasElfawal Have you installed any texture mods, like LA Roads? If so, your mods folder will be huge. A list of mods you have will be helpful.

  • @FirasElfawal I'm also curious about this thread https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/6527/how-to-uninstall-all-my-mods

    You said you don't have many mods installed but in that thread you said "btw i have mods like redux and LA Roads and stuff so do they go if i delete the folder?"

  • @LeeC2202 Both LA Roads and Redux change the road textures, I don't know how he installed them both. The only option is to use LA Roads textures with Redux's Reshade preset. And I'm not surprised about the size of his game, Redux installs files into almost every ×64 rpf file.

  • @Akila_Reigns I know from the brief time I had LA Roads installed it was about a 36GB mod in the end.

    I think this issue is more than just mods though, 300GB is like 4 complete game installs in one folder. That takes some doing by any stretch of the imagination. :D

  • @LeeC2202 Of course, we don't know what else he has installed. When he posts his list, we'll be able to see what's wrong. But yeah, it's not normal to have a 300GB game.

  • to be more specific , I have Redux+LA roads+ about 3 gigs of addon cars + some random scripts like car turn signals and stuff , i dont have any map things or addon peds or iron man and stuff like that , but even if i have 100 gigs of mods,Whats with the 300 gigs game? im just wondering if the game has duplicated some folders or something i dont know about ,but as i mentioned above i did uninstall the game completely and install it again couple of times but still why would it be 300GB? i made sure its completely uninstalled everytime i did it

  • @FirasElfawal Well we still don't know because you've still not posted any details about which folders are using the space. We can't guess what you have installed or where you have things installed to.

    Go into Windows explorer and check the sizes of the different folders, then tell us what the figures are.

    But as you can already see, the "definitely only have 5GB of mods" that you said in the first comment, has suddenly grown into at least 35GB of mods. We need more information...

  • Well i didnt know LA roads was that big
    And i uninstalled my mods folder and made a new copy but the game still 300 gb so its definetly have some unused files stored somewhere
    EDIT : i have 2 gta v folders 1 for mods and 1 legit and both folders are 68.5bg so both combined 137 gb so there is an extra 163gb


    You can use DriveSpaceSniffer to determine precisely where that 163GB went

  • @FirasElfawal Check for screenshots and R* Editor clips, they add up quite a lot

    My steam screenshot folder is 1GB with 4.000 screenshots since I got the game.
    You get there from Steam>Screenshots>Local folder.

    My R* editor folder is 3,1GBs! (C:\Users\YourUser\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\videos)

  • @Eddlm i got gta v from rockstar not steam , do you know where are the screenshots and videos are?

  • @FirasElfawal They're not in the game folder so they won't be adding anything to the game size. They're in your My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\videos folder.

  • i just checked,the folder is just 1.40gb

  • @ReNNie That app just helped me free 400gb of unused space ,but my gta v is still 300gb


    hahahaha :) yeah it is a nifty tool

  • @FirasElfawal said in My modded gta v is 300 gb:

    but my gta v is still 300gb

    And you still haven't posted the details that you were asked for in the first reply I made.

  • Just tell me right now ,what do you need and i will tell you

  • @FirasElfawal How big is the mods folder, how big is your scripts folder, how big is the game folder in total? A screenshot of your game folder would also help.

  • Well, i deleted my previous gta v file that had mods and started all over again,now its all new except i just copied the UPDATE folder inside a mods folder so now over all my gta v mods + legit are combined 170 gb + my mods folder is 30gb + i have no scripts folder

  • Legit folder 68.5gb , Modded folder 100gb

  • @FirasElfawal Well that's a bit different to 300GB.

    The update folder is 15GB, which means you are looking at 83GB if you have copied the whole update folder into your mods folder, which you don't need to do btw. All you need in the mods folder to start off is the update.rpf file in mods\update.

    But that means that you have an additional 17GB somewhere and considering you said that your mods folder is 30GB, that pretty much all ties up. 15GB Update folder + 15GB (other mods in mods folder) + 68.5GB = 98.5GB.

    There must be something else in your mods folder, besides what you copied in from the update folder.

  • U messed up a little, both my folders combined are 170 gb ONLY And im talking about the WHOLE folders so basically there is 130 gb hiding somewhere

  • @FirasElfawal said in My modded gta v is 300 gb:

    U messed up a little, both my folders combined are 170 gb ONLY And im talking about the WHOLE folders so basically there is 130 gb hiding somewhere

    In FiveReborn (or something like that I don't remember the name) you have your 130 gb vanilla and mods folder for VMultiplayer . That should be why your GTA V folder is 300Gb I was having the same a long time ago on another copy i think it can be dat.

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