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My modded gta v is 300 gb

  • @FirasElfawal said in My modded gta v is 300 gb:

    U messed up a little, both my folders combined are 170 gb

    And on that note... I conclude my input.

    This thread was about your modded GTAV being 300GB... now we're just introducing more versions and more folders into the mix. I am sure someone else will be able to offer some help....

  • im gonna simple it ,
    1- i deleted all my mods
    2- now i have 2 gta v folders 1 for mods and 1 legit
    2- both folders combined = 170 gb
    3-Now when i go to uninstall or change programs in windows
    4-it says gta v is 300gb

    I might have named the title or explained the problem in a different way that might not be the same
    But here it is,everything u need to know .Now what i need to know is where is the other 130 gb that the game is taking??

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