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Need your guys help in a car(Prius) project.

  • Hello Gta 5 Enthuses

    I need help on a future project. I am doing the Prius mod and I'm going to need your guy's help. I need a video(not a picture) of the Prius's light functions. I need know how the car works inorder to make the lighting correct. Thanks


    P.S: This is not confirming that I'm going to finish the Prius. This just shows that I am having trouble doing the mod.

    PP.S: The mod may or may be released. during the time duration. In the time being, hold your horses. If the mod has too many bugs, then I'll do my best to perfect the mod. Thanks.

    PPP.S: The template for windows and the car is below. If some of you can do me another favor and make a dirt mapping for both windows and car, that would be great. Thanks.





    dirt mapping no need for template


    about the light select the light parts that should be iluminate with polygons lod selecte it and make new material as vehicle_lightemmissive use the lights textures on it and add light ID

  • "The mod may or may be released."

  • @ZackProGaming It would depend on the amount of bugs that I may encounter.

    @Faysal I know how to do the lights parts. I need a video showing how the Prius lights work. I can not tell which light is which.

    I wanted something custom in dirt mapping. Draw my own dirt on the template and put it in materials/mask. But I do not know how to make a dirt texture.


    mapping useing Uv chanel 2 for dirt effects

  • @Faysal Really? How did Bxbuggs123 get custom mapping on dirt on his Impala?

  • Found a video. Just posting because I have a bad memory.

  • @J9090 Your model will be unlocked ? if never you release it . i wish I could add a lightbar and add a template like this or maybe you are planning to do something like this since there are no prius for cops.
    Anyway, good luck to you

  • @cgz Model will be unlocked. I'm planning to post file links in the Release and WIP page. I want testers to have a chance to bug-test the car before I officially release it.

  • upload the security car on lcpdfr because it has gta v police vehicles

  • Now i'm having trouble with liveries. GOing to post pics soon.

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