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[Misc/Weather] Halloween Weather Mod [HWM-Apocalypse Edition]

  • Hey Guys.. currently im playing a lot of zombies mods
    (since they are very popular and i understand why - they re AWESOME)..

    Im very pleased with loading new maps, building camps and survivor groups, downloading new zombie apocalypse cars, weapons and stuff but no matter how hard i try i dont get the "oldschool zombie game feeling" in terms of weather..

    so for now im playing with enhanched trainer and setting weather to halloween + wind + freeze time (00:00 - 02:00 AM) + freeze weather + vision hax filters from menyoo to remove the over-the-top grain effect... (you should REALLY try this one it looks phenomenal - dont forget to adjust brightness ingame to your likings)

    my suggest : someone really should edit the halloween weather so its without (or less of) the very strong filmic grain effect. it should always have dense, volumetric fog and some timecyle so its raining all the time (like default) but switching between soft rain to moderate rain and epic zombie/radiation-like thunderstorms...

    btw: the day time of the halloween weather is just a lot more saturated then vanilla...all other conditions are just like
    "extra sunny with slightly sepia-tone"... kinda boring.
    it would be nice to have some vintage/depressing light with gray/black/red sky, clouds, sandstorms, overcast etc...

    i guess u get the point.. something more "unrealistic" but "damn that looks like straight out of [nightmare on elm street] "

    so i dont know if this is possible but i REALLY hope someones willing to do that since this would be THE mod to play zombie themed stuff.

    btw: if someone could tell me for now, how to remove or lessen the grain effect in the vanilla version, that would be fckn awesome (YOU! sir, could make my day)

    PS : sry for rubbish english im not a native speaker :)

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