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Freemode Female?


    So, how is this mod supposed to work?

    Freemode Female to Franklin

    I followed the instructions to the letter, but Franklin keeps his exact appearance. What am I missing here?


    Guess this mod is a bust then?! Oh well, there are other ways to spawn as a different model.

  • Loads..
    My own personal finding.....
    After some search I found using "Menyoo" to change the model and then "Character Swap" to reset the Character Hash back to one of the three protagonists things went perfectly well.


    @MrAdrianSW Yeah, that's exactly what I did earlier: Menyuu to spawn the ped, and then Unknown Modder's awesome tool to change the hash back to one of the protagonists.

    The reaon I tried this mod, though, is that I'm using a beautiful Lara Croft ped, but she's not a freemode, so I can't customize her, or buy/wear different clothes for her. I thought this ped might. Alas.

    Also, I can use Menyuu to dress up/change a freemode ped, but I have yet to find a way to save the changes.

  • @meimeiriver Player Options>Wardrobe>Outfits>Save Outfit to file. You need to load up the outfit every time you start


    @westcoastsosa Thx. :) Yeah, I had figured it out by now.

    Still struggling with the Freemode Female, though. I mean, her default appearance looks kinda like an ogre, and I'm finding it hard to mould her into someone even mildly attractive, LOL.

    There are tools, like Menyoo, to randomize your ped's attributes, but ever since they introduced masks, 99.9% of the time a randomized version of her will wear a stupid mask as a result, so you still can't make her out properly.

  • What I like to do is this. Start story>Change Franklin etc. to any ped model>go to director mode>select your online character from the actors menu>you'll spawn in with your MP player. You can now edit the wardrobe and save it. It will save with your facial features but the hair shows up kinda weird when loading the outfit


    @westcoastsosa I'm afraid I'm way past the point where I even dare go Online. :) I've installed a great many mods now, and I'm not risking getting banned trying to go Online, after all, just to create a character.

    I know there's a Director's Mode in SP, but am still finding customizing the Freemode Female rather tedious.

  • @meimeiriver no you don't go online. Your online character is available for use with director mode all offline:)

  • @meimeiriver And if you follow what I posted correctly by changing to a random ped model you can just quit director mode and you'll still have your online character in story.


    @westcoastsosa Director's Mode says no Online character is available (and there really shouldn't be, as I never created one). Still, I was able to create a fairly attractive ped, randomizing one of Young Hipster models. Director's Mode seems to do this in a way none of the other tools can: which is to say, it created a face that doesn't appear in the face templates belonging to said ped (and doesn't show up as a possible face in Skin Control 2.1, either). Anyway, I didn't ask, and just saved the ped, and was able to reload it as such too. :)


    P.S. Seems you lose all your weps when exiting Director's Mode in your new skin. Even reloading one of the main protagonists didn't bring them back. No big deal, of course: just restarted the game altogether, loaded the ped in question, and got all my weps back. :)

  • @meimeiriver Ahhh no wonder. It'll only show if you've created an online player. Glad you got it tho. instead of restarting use menyoo's weapon options, you can save a loadout you like and apply it every time you switch characters

  • @meimeiriver You can save them.. er.. Look for the "Outfits" option in the "Wardrobe" section. It has a load / save in there.

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