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[SCRIPT] Bank Heist Mod

  • I know there are a lot of mods like this on gta5-mods, but most of them outdated or just lua scripts.

    I imagine a mod similar to RobFleeca and Heist Project with the difference that you can rob the banks without planing or activate something, just go in and rob.

    I thought it would be cool that you can go inside the Pacific Bank and control the crowd like in Online or Heist Project and theres a percentage chance of getting throw the gates and when the gates are locked you can't go further. So you have the abillity to go pick up your Heist Crew and when you go inside with them they will help you control the crowd an open the gates with thermite bombs etc.

    Basically Heist Project without the Setup stuff and up to date.

    I really hope someone will answer and thanks in advance.

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