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Issues with GTA Mod Manager and Mods (NativeUI)

  • Apologies if this is an archived topic or something already in discussion, but I couldn't find one going myself. I downloaded GTA Mod Manager and all of the basic mods. It appears as though my installation worked and everything looked fine except I can't seem to use anything involving NativeUI. Weirder yet, Enhanced Native Trainer WORKS (although I don't know if that's something unrelated). In fact, from what I've seen, most trainers work. However, Advanced Bodyguards, Uber Driver, and most other mods that require scripts are 50/50. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful! Thanks! Let me know if ya'll need anything information.

  • Thanks for the response! I have actually downloaded them both and extracted them into both my gta directory but also installed into the mod manager. That's why I'm so confused. I was recently wondering if it could even possibly be an issue of too many of them?

  • @Jabberwockey I dont know how mod managers work but NativeUI goes in your scripts folder.

  • @aimless That could be a thing. I don't know how Mod Manager works either but I got the implication that treating it like any other mod would work. I'm starting over and wiping the folder clean though because with mods in I was getting mission glitches.

  • @Jabberwockey Alright, I hope you have figured out a way to fix your problem, but here is a quick tip from me, what I have noticed around by my experience.

    TWO Thumb rules to follow while playing with Script based mods.

    1. If Script file ends with *.dll or *.cs it will most likely to go into SCRIPTS folder

    2. If Script file ends with *.asi it will most likely to go into GTA V ROOT DIRECTORY

    Now Remeber, both type of mods may or may not have associates files. If there are any.(For e.g. *.ini files), it will go in the same folder as the mod you are copying in.

    P.S. I have included ifruit.dll file as a phone wrapper in my Uber Ride Mod. Make sure to copy that as well.
    P.P.S. Make sure you have updated NativeUI library.

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