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Looking for two pretty simple scripts

  • Hello all, I've been trying to find some scripts to enhance my game but I cant seem to find any that do what I'd like (and work).

    First one I'd like is to be able to stash weapons and ammo in the trunk of each players vehicle and also at their houses. Doesn't have to be separate storage between the characters house and their car but it would be nice. Also would be cool if it was separated by character as well (Franklin has access to only weapons and ammo he's stored, etc).

    Second one is to bypass the Ammunition problem with adding weapons to the shop and to non dlc weapons (vanilla weapons shop meta files are supposedly in ymt files not accessible yet) by having a contact you can call who would drive over to you and sell you weapons and attachments and ammo. I have added a fee attachments to some weapons and would love if it was customizable what was sold and the prices as well.

    Also, if someone could make a working drag dead script I think most people in the community would appreciate it a lot other than me.

    Thanks for taking the time to read a little request. If anyone can do these or one, I'd be greatly appreciative.

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