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Did the new GTA V update for Steam break ScriptHookV?

  • Did the new GTA V update for Steam break ScriptHookV?

  • It will always break it. ScripthookV won't start if it detects an uknown version of GTA V, because it needs to be updated with the new native hashes.

    Its time to get used to it. Just wait a few days after each game update and a scripthook v update will follow.

  • @Eddlm When I started steam today my game updated it was 90MB and scripthookv is working fine

  • Dafuq, it always broke it before. Maybe I'm outdated on the method

    If the .exe didn't change its possible that ScriptHookV can still work

  • I think the latest update was just a Social Club update, I had a 70MB update yesterday on the retail version.


    @LeeC2202 Yes, that must have been it, as ScriptHook V seems tp work just fine here.


    @LeeC2202 Actually, I noticed the game asked me yesterday whether I wanted to store my savegames in the cloud now. Was that the change maybe?!

  • @meimeiriver I seem to be getting another patch today, no mention of cloud saving though, that might just be a Steam thing, not sure. Steam users generally seem to want everything in the cloud, so it wouldn't surprise me.

    Wouldn't trust Rockstar with anything in the cloud, based on how incompetent they are with account handling to be honest. :D


    @LeeC2202 Nope, I just checked: seems the cloud saving is pretty 'old' already GTAV PC Cloud Saves It was Rockstar who was asking, though; but yes, I'm going to disable it too.

    I see no new patch scheduled for today. But if there is, it will be my first time needing to upgrade my mods, shudder Although I presume most will be covered updating the 2 ScriptHook scripts. We'll see. :)

  • @meimeiriver The patch I got today should have arrived yesterday but I blocked my GTAV just in case, I'm in the middle of some critical coding, so I couldn't afford for things to break. It was just another Social Club update so it might be something behind the scenes.

    I don't think I've ever opened the Social Club nonsense in-game, so I don't even know what is available in it. Everything seems to be working fine though, so that's the important thing. :D

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