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Cant get Tornado Mod 1.1 to work

  • I have posted both files into a Script folder into the main file of GTA V and it's just not working. what am i doing wrong

  • The mod you're trying to get working might be not compatible with latest patch which you probably have. Many of older ScriptHookV mods (including many .NET and a some ASI mods as well) are not receiving updates anymore for recent versions due to their authors being vanished here making them obsolete (unless those using pirate older versions of GTA V). I think that Tornado mod you're trying to use maybe one of them and it to work only on specific older patch. If this is case then you can nothing to do really...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @65536 Thanks for helping

  • @RorschachChild have you installed all dependencies? i.e. Script Hook V AND ScriptHookVDotNet?

  • @CamxxCore yes both have been installed. I must of done something wrong installing them. the default mods work for the Enhanced trainer though

  • @RorschachChild Ok well ScriptHookVDotNet.asi is the only file you need when installing .net script hook. A lot of people seem to get confused about that. Make sure you haven't copied any other files (i.e. Scripthookvdotnet.dll) to the game folder. Also, check to ensure there is a "scripthookvdotnet-xxx.log" file being created after the game loads. That can tell you whether .net script hook loaded properly. If you do have that file, inside it will tell you which of your .net mods have loaded, and which ones have met errors while trying to load (if any). I would check to see if there are any lines related to the tornado script (errors, exceptions etc.)

  • @CamxxCore I get the same issue. I got all the scripts, but can't seem to get any of them to work. :C

  • @Joshua016911 From looking at the 'tornado' mods on this site and a couple other sites, they all seem to be very outdated... unless someone makes an update your gonna have to deal with not having a tornado mod

  • @Joshua016911 Its supporting the latest update. What aspect is not working? Did you check the scripthookvdotnet.log file, to see if it loaded

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