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One week!

  • Last payday I bought a shiny, new, motherboard and CPU. In my testing, it appears my graphics card is also fried, as I was still getting no signal to the monitor. Next Friday, I have decided to go with the nVidia 1070!

    I cannot tell you how anxious I am to fire up GTAV again, as it has been nearly eight months.

    Equally, I am anxious to continue where I left off on my "real-life" series of mods, I was doing before my gaming rig went belly up.

    A few things I will be looking to do is increase resolution on terrain and foliage, offer alternative interiors for various homes - that were not yet done by me - possibly SP apartments, and then focus on exterior homes. I do plan to look into bumping up resolution of the peds from 512 to 2k - and that will take time due to the volume of peds in-game.

    One thing I could use help with is the umbrellas that cover the round dining tables at the end of Del Perro pier. I want those changed to reflect real-life soda brands instead of e-cola and Sprunk. Yes, I know I did such a mod, but those textures went somewhere else, to which I have no idea where those actually appear in-game, LOL. If someone could help me out with the location of those specific textures and, possibly, the e-cola and Sprunk ramps, that would be nice.

    Also, I am willing to entertain requests. In any case, my friends, you will see my return before you know it.

  • @eshenk LOL, those umbrellas... man, even I spent ages looking for those. They sure were elusive... never did find them either. :D

  • That is NOT what I wanted to hear Lee, LOL.

    I will find those f*ckers if it kills me to do it! Anyhow, Friday is the big day, when I finally have my new super-PC in order!

  • @eshenk Saying that... I'm not sure if I knew that much about embedded textures last time... I did just find something embedded into prop_parasol_04c.yft, an ECola light texture... so maybe all's not lost yet.

    Oooh and a Sprunk in 04d

  • Yay!
    Welcome back , i can't wait for more stuff

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks so much my good man. Also @HeySlickThatsMe thanks bud. Just to let you guys know, I was able to do so many mods so quickly because I was unemployed, LOL. Now I work, but still believe I will be able to crank them out, all though more time consuming projects will take more time, obviously the peds I cannot do in a days time, LOL. In any case, looking forward to getting back to the community.


    @eshenk wb, missed your snappy remarks on the mods section.
    I've had an 8 month break as well. Invigorating isn't it?!

    Gonna get me a MSi GTX1070 asap but haven't decided which 1440p 27" to get...
    The Asus ROG Swift PG279Q is just wayyyy overpriced and I'm afraid G-Sync isn't missed when you don't know what you're missing out :S

  • @ReNNie LOL! I do actually occasionally review the scripthook threads, just for the entertainment value alone! Lots of LOL moments there for sure! Be with you guys again soon!

  • i was working on some ped textures (Replacing badges eg: LSFD to LAFD) and sharpening the textures + Recoloring them (for example beach peds would have more "reddish" skin because you know... idk how to say it in english cause its not my main language)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I know what you are trying to say - the peds look very cartoony. The main peds are 1k but the rest are 512 and their hair is 256. While away, I have been sharpening my noob skills, learning how to do things from tutorials on the web. I have created a few 2k peds for practice. imagine seeing 2k peds - looking like real human beings, instead of looking like cartoons? The peds, will be the last thing I focus on, because of the amount of time it will require of me to do them.

  • @eshenk :D Notice the pink scribble?

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 I do, and good find. Del Perro we still will find though. If not you, I will. Thanks for this, though. Man, this screenshot makes me want to get my GTAV on so bad, LOL.

  • @eshenk Del Perro? I remembered us talking about those on Vespucci Prom, which is where these are... I'll go and check Dell Perro, it might use the same ones... back shortly... if I can work out where Del Perro is mind you. :D

    Ah, just checked... this is the parasols right near the pier.

  • @LeeC2202 This screenshot is Venice Beach. Del Perro is Santa Monica, and at the end of the pier are a bunch of tables I seem to recall - on the patio behind that ristorante.

  • @eshenk This affects all the ones both on the pier and the three just below outside the Del Perro cafe as well.

  • @LeeC2202 Fantastic! Thanks again my friend. One week buddy, one week and I am back in the fold. You have no idea how hungry I am to be back. Once I have done all the texture mods that satisfies me, I will look into learning how to model. Life is about learning how to do new things on your own, and improving upon your skill-set, and my return is quickly coming. Also along with that Lee, a return to snarky comments every time GTAV updates, in the scripthook threads, LOL.

  • @eshenk for 2k peds it would be better to remodel the faces and stuff , so it would look even better

  • @HeySlickThatsMe To increase polygon counts, yes agreed, but that is not a skill I possess at the moment.

  • @eshenk Modelling is good fun... not the posing in front of a camera type I must add. :D It's just a pity that ZModeler3 is in the way of it all being really good fun, although I am just about to reinstall Max on my machine, see how far I can get with that. I have some ped models I desperately want in the game, so I need to learn fast.

    We all look forward to having you back. :D

  • @LeeC2202 There are other modelling programs out there beyond the ones you mentioned, with a ton of youtube tutorials. Over time, I have amassed quite a collection of links and such. My aim is to improve upon my capabilities with texture work, and then start learning how to model. I have crazy ideas for modeling, that I believe will be both interesting and comical.

  • Also @LeeC2202 sound editing. I believe with a program like audacity, I can rearrange words said in-game to say something else, while using pitch control and tempo, to make the new arrangement of words said sound realistic. Imagine for a moment Lee, a mod that introduces main characters saying something from famous movie lines, such as Pulp Fiction, the Matrix, Good Fellows, or say Blow? Said at appropriate times that would make sense according to an in-game situation. Picture the fun!

  • @eshenk Use Adobe Audtion CC 2017. In my opinion that is the best software for sound editing.

  • @NotCrunchyTaco I am already familiar with audacity, and it is free!

  • @eshenk Yes I have audacity too. I like to use both for sound editing


    What's a good program to edit textures in the .ydr files?

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