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  •                    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of u modders out  there have perfected the crossbow, that shoots real arrows, like in lara croft or fracry does? I know one of u modders can do it. would really make the game more fun. well thx for your time.

  • @thief That's not possible unless Rockstar implements it somehow

  • @Kwebbl weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, technically... I could imagine using something like the RPG or Homing Launcher as base to make the bolt fly away like the rocket projectile. Then tweak the weapon/projectile damage and it could work.

  • @Kwebbl Is possible like said @SkylineGTRFreak and the another way is with a simple script to simulate the bolt shoot and being enabled when the model is selected in the weapon wheel, in that way we can control too the crossbow model variations and arrows/bolts behaviour (features like staying attached to the objective until we pick up the bolt/arrow).

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