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[VEHICLES] WWII Battleships

  • So right after the release of elcreador's Scharhorst and Z-1(Type 1943),I think it's time to request a few nice conversions of some other WWII battleships...Since I know it's totallly possible now XD
    So I have found a few free models that seem to be nice for a conversion,from the site where elcreador got the kiev class carrier,and I'm going to put up the links to the models down here:
    (US)Fletcher class destroyer (USS Fletcher)
    alt text
    (US)Iowa class battleship (USS New Jersy)
    alt text
    (Germany)Bismark class battleship
    alt text
    (British)King George V class battleship
    alt text
    (Italian)Zara-class cruiser (Pola)
    alt text

    @SkylineGTRFreak @FoxtrotDelta @elcreador

  • @Elope GTA now has warships?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 well no weapon apparently but it's good enough for me :D

  • I'd love to do the Mighty Mo some day (Iowa class), but that model there is meeeh

  • I'll be doing modern vessels from China, USA, pakistan , Germany & turkey , when I do them someday. Haven't had time to , resume modding since long.

    Sorry for that, but life just got much more busy these days

  • Time problems but ...time to the time.Those ships are beauty and can be done in the future, and with weapons.By now i have discovered the way to do working weapons in the ships.Only need add the four hidden weels at the model in zmodeler,like a car, and in vehicles.meta change the vehicle type to <type>VEHICLE_TYPE_AMPHIBIOUS_AUTOMOBILE</type>
    This let works the weapons.

  • @elcreador well the problem of changing vehicle class to amphious is that the ship will no longer have sounds,the audioNameHash no longer works
    details written in this post:https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/128/vehicle-wip-uss-nathan-james-ddg-151-us-navy-destroyer

  • I would rather choose working weapons and no sound instead of sound and not operational weapons.
    And if we're not able to fix the sound problem somehow, we can still make a script for that.

  • @Oskar well, @Dilapidated posted a possible solution here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/128/vehicle-wip-uss-nathan-james-ddg-151-us-navy-destroyer/1428

    I'm still stuck with rl stuff, but can test it soon. Still, if someone else could check of this actually worked, I'd be grateful. (And Dilapidated probably too, since he gets some feedback :P )

  • @Oskar @SkylineGTRFreak but is it possible to have four turrets and 3 cannons on each turret to fire at once for a battleship?that's 12 dummies all together D: Even a WWII destroyer has 3 turrets that need to spin together,,I dont think that is implented in the game....for now we've only seen vehicles with one turret to spin

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Um so the models are not so well ? :d they seem to be good from the pictures......Anyway they should be better than elcreador's Scharnhorst right ? and the Scharnhorst actually looks great ingame D:

  • @Elope Make them all fire at once would either work with a script or we could give them the dummy names like: weapon_1a, weapon_1b, weapon_1c, etc. but then you couldn't fire them separately anymore.

  • great idea !! I play world of warships , so I love the ships of course , can they be made to shoot also ? :)

  • @Elope one turret with 3 gun is no problems. But max you can do is 3 turrets with 3 guns (well, you can make more guns on the turrets, but 3 turrets is the maximum)

    And I only took a look at the Iowa, wasn't so convinced :P

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Ah,okay,so we can only turn one turret at once,then change to another turret...hmmmm at least Yamato,King geoege,and Iowa class can have both turrets working,sadly not for bismarc since she has 4 XD
    @Oskar Just asking,do you think you can make a script to simulate an anti-air barrage with one single button ?

  • @Elope If you can give me a good video which shows this feature then I guess I can make that. I was only able to find some very dark footage of it.

  • @Oskar Well my idea is actually a reproduce of the function in world of warships
    so first of all mayba an ini to define which models are destroyers and which are battleships.
    then after pressing a button , for cruisers and destroyers you can have machine guns (turret of insurgent) to automatically shoot at nearby detected aircrafts,helicopters and ships to simulate anti-air systems and machine guns used by sailers and for battleships not only the machine guns but also secondary turret (nose turret of valkyrie) to automatically shoot at ships detected
    Hmmmm....a bit too complexed?

  • @Elope But they should only be shooting in the direction of the aircraft and not always be a direct hit I guess? Seems possible. But now we first have to get those ships with working weapons in game!

  • @Oskar well I dont actually care about if it hits or not,but if you can make it just hit the direction,that would be awesome
    hmmm is it possible to spawn the bullets without actually use a vehicle weapon to shoot it?I mean like JulioNIB's ironman script,the bullets can come out from the peds hand,,instead we have the bullets from the turrets with a shooting direction?
    cuz u know one vehicle can only have 3 weapons and they're reserved for the big cannons XD so the script should even work with ships without weapons,like the type 1943 destroyer at current state

  • @Elope Yeah you can spawn bullets anywhere without a weapon! But it would look kinda weird when the gun faces the wrong direction lol

  • @Oskar nah believe me it wont,actually you might wont notice them that much when you are controllling a beast like Iowa or Yamato ,just tell me did you notice whether the guns moved in the World of warships videos ? XD

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Wait a minute dont the turret still turns to the direction pointed even when you've changed the weapon??like those WWII tank mods,you change to the machine gun mounted on the front of the tank and the turret still turns,so does it mean that we'll have the turrets turn together or is it actually impossible to have multiple turrets?

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