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Mod requires folder in OpenIV that I don't have!

  • Hey guys,

    I was trying to install some new car skins from http://www.topmods.de/?page_id=57
    Specifically, it's the BMW F31 Polizei Bayern V1.2©. (First row, 3rd option)
    When I download it, it tells me I have to install the files to mods\update\x64e\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf
    The problem is though, that I don't have a x64e folder in my update folder. I tried creating the files, and then putting the files in the vehicles.rpf which I created myself, but that didn't work.

    So, where do I install that now? Thanks.

  • They should exist if you have the game. This is one of the most basic components of the game. x64e contains the first wave of vehicles that will spawn in game. Without this, peds and cars would cease to exist. The path is wrong. it should be Gta V/x64e/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles. Unless the car is updated in DLC's then import it elsewhere. The mod would be updated somewhere else in the dlcpack. GL


  • I do have a x64e.rpf, but it only has a "level" and a "models" folder. It has neither a dlc.rpf nor a x64 folder. So I can't put stuff in the path that you suggested. (Gta V/x64e/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles)

    And I do have the game, and when I look at youtube tutorials of other cars, people don't have that in their x64e.rpf either. No one has a x64 folder in their x64e.rpf

    Any other ideas?

  • You have openIv?

    What car is it replacing?

  • Yes, I do have OpenIV.

    The files being replaced are police.yft, police.ytd, police_hi.yft and police+hi.ytd

  • Then import them to the vehicles folder. THat is x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf.

    Then Click on Edit Mode

    Import the files(Add new files)


  • Okay, did that and while it did work to add it into the game, the car is pretty slow and buggy. I sometimes crash through walls or fall through the ground. I guess that's because it's not supposed to be in that folder and I replaced a car that is not the equivalent to the BMW F31..?

  • But the car worked? The BMW F31 should replace a different car. It works right?

  • Yes, technically it did work but it wasn't really usable because it's as slow as a van and because it falls through walls and ground.

  • @chest159 Link the car mod page please. The car should not be falling through walls and the ground. Something is wrong with the car model itself.

  • I linked it in the OP, here it is:


  • If anything, the car model is bugged. The car model itself would have some bugs with the collision. If you replace the car with a different model, you might not experience the bugs.

  • Oh, that is unfortunate. Alright, thanks for your help :(

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