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Traffic and ped's doesn't spawn

  • I really need help, please. Every gameconfig I use, in game I don't see traffic or peds (only a few of them all over the map) i had at least 100 add-on (some are pack of vehicles or planes) how can I get back the traffic without deleting my DLC? No other problems, some crash sometimes, but with the right gameconfig.xml it's ok.


    @danydino And it's not like you turned down those options in your settings?

  • @ReNNie no, didnt touch anything other the file the mod told me to modified. Can it be a problem of RAM?

  • Unless you changed your trainer's configuration to remove traffic and peds, it's probably reading to one of your trainers. Also, don't alter the game conifg, that doesn't help at all.

    Your game could also be corrupt, I had an issue where traffic would crash my game, I also had an issue where Add-On cars properly work as Replace cars without altering code, thus breaking the game and removing some traffic and peds (also removing some vehicles, making them unusable.)

    These are 2 options I think are the issues.

  • Thank's, in doubt i reinstall the game ahaha

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